Statement by Malcom Hedding, director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

WAYS OF LIFE is no political portal, which is why I withdraw from political articles, unless they deal with Christian persecution. But in this current conflict between Israel and Gaza we cannot and shall not keep silent. Isaiah 17:12-13 and other Bible scirptures speak about these events prophetically. Biblically we are in critical times!

I am appalled by they onesided way the secular media is reporting on this issue, thus marginalizing the truth and denying the reality of this conflict completely. Yet this is predicted in the Bible. The reality of this conflict is totally being ignored. Hamas is no coequal negotiating partner, but a terrorist organization - as it was from the very beginning! As long as they maintain the goal in their charta that Israel has to be wiped off the map, they are by no means a serious negotiating partner.

Israel is not waging war against a civilian population. Contrary to Hamas, who are launching their Kassam and Katyusha rockets almost daily by the dozens, somtimes even hundreds into Israel. The population is traumatized. From the first warning until impact, people have 23 seconds in order to find shelter. For a long time already, Israel has been warning Hamas that the reaction will be an armed one if they don't stop. But this warning was being ignored.

Isarel had watched the situation a long time. Then limits were reached. Cowardly Hamas is hiding behind the civil population and build their war machinery in residence areas, hospitals, etc., knowing that with every defensive attack launched by Israel, civilians are being affected. With the cameras being there, injured children are virtually being paraded. And the world is falling for this...

This is long since known, yet only few seem to be interested in it. And so Isareal once again is the bogeyman of the world. Informationen on casualties on the Israeli side disappear among news on market related articles and others (if they appear at all), while Palestinian casualties are being loudly mourned for... upside down world??? Israel is not making a show around their deads...

Yet where else in this world can you see a war leading country, Israel in this case, sending supplying convoys into the territory of their enemies? Where else is a civilian population being warned prior to the attacks by millions of information flyers thrown down from helicpters?

As long as Gaza TV keeps broadcasting children's programs where a Disney-like rabbit called Assud brainwashes kids from as young as toddlers, with calls that Jews have to be killed, no real peace is possible. Here are some exceprts from a Daily News article, dated Febuary 12, 2008:

"It's the latest use of cuddly figures by Hamas terrorists 'to teach hate and violence,' said Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch.

'This program is telling us that they see children as tools in their propaganda and their war,' Marcus said. "They have no problem stealing their children's youth."

Before Assud, Hamas' use of a Mickey Mouse character called Farfur to preach hate gained worldwide condemnation.

The producers of the show later told kids that Farfur had been beaten to death by Israeli soldiers. Before Assud, Hamas' use of a Mickey Mouse character called Farfur to preach hate gained worldwide condemnation.

The producers of the show later told kids that Farfur had been beaten to death by Israeli soldiers."

So much for a bloodcurdling children education...

Of course, in every of such conflicts each casualty is one too many, no matter on which side. But truth is truth and can under no circumstances be swept under the carpet! To experience almost daily several rocket attacks during eight years has traumatized the Israeli population, and of course also a big number of children, in a way the world does not seem to realize. Of course, I don't want to discredit the current suffering of the Palestinian children.

"We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us", said Golda Meir several years ago.

If at last we would realize that this here is a spritual battle in which people became the playing field... Let us pray for this conflict to end soon. Father, your will be done! In the precious name of your beloved Son Jesus, Yashua, amen!

- Birgit Barandica E., January 5, 2009

As found in the German edition of israel today:

Where is UNICEF?
Friday, January 9, 2009 by ih Redaktion

In youtube you can watch a clip on how Palestinian kids from a very young age are being excercised by the Hamas for hatred, warfare and glorification of weapons. Even at playschool during a final ceremony they are dressed up in mini uniforms. The question arises on the whereabouts of UNICEF, the department of well being of children. Why is nobody raising their voice in protest of children often being abused as human shields by terrorists? Hamas and the Palestinian kids:

Hamas war crime leaves 40 dead at UN school
Wednesday, January 07, israel today, 2009 Ryan Jones

Israel is considering filing an official complaint with the United Nations after 40 Palestinians were killed on Tuesday when Hamas terrorists used a UN school as cover while attacking Israeli soldiers in Gaza. More...

Gaza women can't wait to bomb Israelis
israel today, January 5, 2009

In a video broadcast on Hamas television last week, Gaza women loyal to the terror group spoke of their deep desire to strap bombs to their bodies and detonate themselves among invading Israeli soldiers.

The women referred to the Israelis as "apes and pigs" and swore to turn their "body parts into a fire that will burn the occupation soldiers."

If they are killed while trying to kill Israeli soldiers, the women are likely to be chalked up as "civilian" casualties of Israel's war on Gaza terror.

Translation of the video, which aired just days before Israeli ground forces rolled on Gaza, was provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

ICEJ Statement and Appeal regarding the Gaza conflict
By Malcolm Hedding, public release December 31, 2008

In the time since Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip in August 2005, the Islamist terror militia Hamas seized control of the area and increased its relentless rocket and mortar attacks against the southern towns of Israel. These daily barrages literally kept thousands of Israeli civilians in siege-like conditions, while the world stood by and said almost nothing about the thousands of children
traumatized or the needless loss of life and property. Sderot, one of the towns closest to Gaza, took the brunt of these attacks.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has firmly stood by the Israeli communities in the western Negev during these tense times, providing social assistance through local charities and aid workers and delivering a number of portable bomb-shelters to the region. This ministry has also undertaken numerous fact-finding visits to the area and has thus witnessed first-hand the brutality and indiscriminate nature of these attacks from Gaza.

A brief ‘lull’ brokered by Egypt brought temporary relief to these war-weary residents of the Gaza periphery, but the rocket strikes returned in early November and began striking the city of Ashkelon. The Israeli government was reluctant to endanger the Palestinian civilians among whom Hamas hides, using them as involuntary human shields. But in the end Israel had little choice but to finally take action to protect its citizens, which is its rightful duty. One would expect the same of any state that cares about its citizens.

Now, Hamas has responded with longer range rockets that have hit the cities of Ashdod and Beersheva, placing over 700,000 Israeli civilians within range.

Loss of life is always regrettable and must be contained, and Israel more than any other country has demonstrated this principle. However, the Hamas regime in Gaza has no respect for life, denies the very existence of Israel, and works relentlessly for its total destruction. This is the stated position of the movement in its own words and clearly reflected in its charter. Israel was left with no choice other than to remove this threat from its southern region. Better to do so now than to wait until Hamas has the backing of a nuclear Iran.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem therefore finds it disturbing that many Western leaders have again opted to condemn Israel under the guise of what they call “disproportionate response.” The “doctrine of equivalence” sees no evil, hears no evil and does no evil. It stands on the fence trying to lay blame equally on both combatants. This is an outrage and our world is giving in to radical Islamic terror because of it. Hamas is a terrorist organization supported by rogue regimes in Syria and Iran, and the international community knows this well but many leaders do not have the courage to say it. Appeasement is the only game in town! So, Israel must be equally condemned.

We stand behind Israel in its actions of self-defense on behalf of its citizens and call on the world community to lay the blame where it is due. In this regard, we recall the words of US President-elect Barack Obama when he stood in Sderot this past summer and stated that Israelis should never have to live under the threat of daily rocket attacks.

Further, we appeal to Christians to offer prayers for Israel in these difficult times as we enter the New Year. We also are offering the chance to be of practical assistance to the embattled residents of the Western Negev. The ICEJ has committed to temporarily relocating dozens of poor families with small children to safer areas elsewhere in Israel. We need immediate funds to cover their transport, accommodations and meals. Schools and daycares are closed in their region and normal life has become impossible, but these families cannot afford to relocate themselves out of harm’s way.

Please respond by visiting our secured on-line server and making a donation today.

Thank you for caring!
Malcolm Hedding
ICEJ Executive Director