Why the cross?
Birgit Barandica Eichberger, September 2005

I think this clipart is already known to many people. But I will put it here anyway, because I think it's ingenious! It describes so fantastically well why we need the cross. But not whatever cross. Needing the cross means needing Jesus. HE is the cross we need!

The gap between mankind and God is so big that no person whosoever could ever cross it, no matter what he tries. "Cross it" - wow, what a (wording) bridge that is, huh? Figuratively spoken here, but to be taken literally! It is Jesus' cross that crosses this gap, thus building a bridge for us to get over to the other side - to God - and be saved!

HE could do it, nobody else. And He could because He is man the same as He is God. And what is even more important: HE LOVES EACH ONE OF US!!! His love for us made Him able to do this!

By just taking advantage of a cross, like an amulett for example, we will never change anything. It is nothing else but putting a cross on the necklace like a decoration or fashion. Yet it is not the cross that can save us. It is Jesus! Without Him, we cannot cross the gap. And the cross remains nothing but something symbolic. Yet a mere symbol does not carry you over whatsoever gap. Only with Jesus, the cross comes to life, to its meaning, becomes this stable bridge! Because Jesus Himself is this bridge!

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