Tens of Thousands Convert
to Christ in Algeria

IM Staff/TN, Breaking Christian News BCN, July 16, 2007

"Many tell us about dreams and visions they've had, confirming the truth about Jesus."

(Algeria) - Inspire Magazine reports that for the last 10 years Christian broadcaster Arab Vision has seen many viewers respond to their television programs, but none more so than the Kabyle Berbers in the North-Eastern coastal region of Algeria.

A Kabyle policeman came to Christ through the programs, now his father, his wife and his two sisters are sharing the same faith after he witnessed to them.

Says a Kabyle policeman who accepted Jesus through the program: "In the beginning, I was anxious and fearful that this faith may cause me more harm than good, especially in relation to my work. However, the Lord Jesus not only comforted me in my faith, but led me in an unusual way to meet other colleagues in the police corps who are also Christians. We now even pray together."

The number of Christians among the Kabyle is reportedly growing, with a minimum estimate of 10,000 converts representing both large mainstream and secret 'house group' churches.

"The figure could well be four times that. We are not sure," says Arab Vision's North Africa Director. "But what we are sure about is that the response among the Kabyle to the Gospel is uniquely encouraging for this region. Many tell us about dreams and visions they've had, confirming the truth about Jesus. The Kabyle believers are also actively involved in evangelism."

Another testimony was reported, by a widow, who recently lost her three sons in a car accident. Blaming God, she one day happened to watch the TV programs, and gradually became convinced that Jesus is the Truth. In the process she was also healed from health problems she had suffered from. Said the woman, "I believe I am restored to a true life; I know I will still miss my sons, but I have a hope to live in peace with God through Jesus Christ. And the zeal of Jesus drives me to witness about him to others with tears of joy...."

Source: Inspire Magazine

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