Are You Ready?

There will be a moment where we will be caught up in the clouds to meet Jesus, our Lord, in the air, as it is being said in 1. Thessalonians 4:17. Nobody knows how exactly this will happen. But this is not at all critical. What IS critical though, is that it WILL happen. So this picture above can only be the imagination of whoever created it. It will happen so fast that the person standing next to another will disappear like in the snap of a finger - just like that... This is why the question "Are you ready?" Are you ready to meet Jesus or will you belong to those being left behind?

This is what this short video is about; click it!

This is the expanded version of this short film - this opening makes it
even more impressive. You can watch the film without the opening
in our ReadingRoome under Topics).

If not, would you like to be ready? Maybe you want it but just are not sure about whether you will belong to those being caught up in the clouds? Read the articles on JESUS! You can also write to me here off site and put me your questions, even your doubts. I'll do my best to give you comprehendible answers.

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