God was there right from the beginning - without Him nothing could have turned out the way it ultimately did!!

Rescue of Mario Sepúlveda who was trapped in the mine:
"God has won!" he said!


Two Chilean Miners Accept Christ While Still Trapped Underground
By Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, October 13, 2010

"This has been a testimony to what the Lord can do in a person's life. Those that are the children of the Lord have been those that have shown, even in the midst of the storm, a testimony of peace, tranquility and trust in the Lord."

(Santiago, Chile)—As most of the world knows, 33 Chilean miners have been trapped underground for more than two months, waiting to be rescued. On Tuesday, the rescues were finally able to begin.

Baptist Press News reports that when the mine collapsed, three of the miners—including José Henríquez who has been leading a Bible study underground—were Christians. Since then, two more of them have made professions of faith.

Rescue engineer Igor Bravo, a member of First Baptist Church of Santiago, was reportedly one of the first to hear of Henríquez's request for a pastor and contacted the Chilean Baptist Union.

Bernardino Morales, director of the Baptist union's Social Testimony Network, called Marcelo Leiva, pastor of Vallenar Baptist Church in Vallenar, Chile, located about two hours away and told him, "Pastor, it's either you, or it's you."

The report notes that when Leiva arrived at Camp Hope—the camp set up near the buried mine—he didn't know anyone, but Henríquez's family quickly connected him with other families.

"That [connection] allowed a lot of other people to hear the Word," Leiva says, "and to know that in the midst of this catastrophe, God is in control, and it is the Lord who has kept their family members alive."

According to the report, the wife of one of the miners who became a Christian since being trapped in the mine met with Leiva over the past two weeks and also accepted Christ.

Source: Tristan Taylor - Baptist Press New

Here comes José Henríquez as #24 to see daylight again!
Watch the sleeve of his t-shirt, where you can see the name of Jesus woven in!
In this emotionally moving report, José's brother is being interviewed and he says that
it was José's deep faith in Jesus that encouraged his collegues to persevere, which was vital to them.


Here is an excerpt of an ANS article that I have just received (October 15, 2010):

"They're all wanting to testify to the Lord Jesus Christ. All 33 of them are saying that they found God in the mine. Five or six were already Christians and held services down in the mine. Many went down with no faith at all but they all say this: 'We were not 33 we were 34 because Jesus Christ was with us down there," The President's chaplain, Revd Alfredo Cooper told Premier Radio.

He says it's clear that faith has been a big part of this whole drama, with many miners "finding God."

Revd Cooper has asked Premier supporters to rejoice and praise God that "out of the depths came this wonderful testimony for Christ" and to pray for a true revival to rise up in Chile and spill out across the world.


Someone has made an effort to find out, what was written on those t-shirts
the mine workers had put on. Read his absolutely remarkable words: