To me, this is definitely a prayer hearing - God has intervened! Yesterday, I uploaded the article on this following document in the German version of this website, LEBENSWEGE, praying that the European Council would not approve of it today. In my own comment on the subject, I wrote that if this document would pass the Council's approval, then it would officially pave the way for Christian persecution in Europe, regardless if you agree or not to creationism. But instead, some few hours later, the same Christian News Magazine published an update, telling about the rejection of this document. To me, this means God Himself has intervened! He does not allow to get mocked. Not only has He not allowed the document to pass the approval, no, He has caused the complete rejection of the submission of this document from the agenda all together!!! Hallelujah!!!

European Council Rejects Today's Poll On
"Danger Of Teachings Of Creationism In Schools"
taken in part from German Christian News Magazine pro, June 26, 2007
and translated by Birgit Barandica Eichberger

Lengagne, left and Van den Brande, right (Fotos:
Only a few hours before the beginning of this week's session at the European Council in Brussels, a document has been taken off the set agenda yesterday: French Polititian Guy Lengange had submitted a paper for approval on "the danger for schools caused by the teachings of creationism". As to his report, such teachings would "attack democracy". The Frenchman reacted indignantly upon this decision, calling it "intrigues by those who combat the evolution theory".

It was planned for today to discuss and approve the document, which was to harshly judge the teachings of creationism, the faith in a

Creator. In more than 100 items mentioned, it stated how creationism has already spread in Europe and that people should be warned thereof.

Lengagne tried to point out that creationsism is a danger to democracy and that it should be opposed now before it "is too late. If we are not alert," Lengagne went on, "then the values forming the core of the European Counsil are in danger to be threatened by creationist fundamentalists".

As to a spokesman of the European Council, the chairman of the faction, Belge EU-polititian Luc Van den Brande petitioned the removal of the French document and it was removed.

When learning about this decision, Guy Lengagne reacted with indignation, saying on a press conference summoned on short notice, that he can only interpret this as a "manipulation of those who by all means try to combat the evolution theory thus supporting the ideas of creationism. We are dealing now with a back sliding into medieval times, and too few members of the European Council which is based on human rights, are aware of this," he said and went on that he is "bewildered, appalled and shocked" about the decision not to debate on his layout. In his opinion, supporters of creationism are "assaulting human dignity".

His document highlights the fact that creationism does not solely "reign" the US any longer, but has long since reached Europe. It would be disastrous for the European Community not to take preventive measures against the influence of the creationists.

"The evolution theory is being attacked by religious fundamentalists who call for teachings of creationism parallelly to or even replacing the evolution theory. As for the scientific view, there is no doubt for evolution to be a central understanding of the universe and of life on earth," it is said in the document.

Creationism, however, in all its forms, like the "intelligent design", is not being based on facts and is not being operated scientifically, as states this document. Aiming for the passage of the document it says, "The European Council is calling on its member states to support a scientific knowledge and to teach evolution and to strictly denounce every single attempt of teaching creationism as being a scientific discipline." For this is the main goal of the creationists, Lengange concluded.

Representatives of creationism are "Christian fundamentalists" and Muslims, says the polititian....


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