"Festival of Life" in Mexico:
Over 10.000 Visitors Came To Christ

from German Christian News Agency Evangelische Nachrichtenagentur idea, April 5, 2007
translated by Birgit Barandica Eichberger

G a r d e n G r o v e (idea) – In South Mexican state Chiapas over 10.000 visitors to evangelististic "Festival of Life" decided to give their life to Christ. Around 140.00 people could be reached at these events this past March 23rd through 25. bei den Veranstaltungen Ende März knapp 140.000 Menschen erreicht worden, reports ASSIST News Service, Garden Grove, California.

Horizon Christian Fellowship (where you can watch the videos of these events ) of San Diego, Ca. hosted these events. Next to evangelistic talks and concerts, also medical offers were part of the event. Around 3.000 patients were treated in eleven ambulantory clinics. With its approximately four million population, Chiapas is one of the poorest Federal States of Mexico. Around 25% are indigenous, whose official representatives, together with the roman catholic church, are trying to hinder the advance of evangelical churches. Human rights organizations repeatedly denounced threats and assaults on members of these churches. .

Humanitarian Activities Accompany Evangelization
Also in the North East of Mexico, evangelizations met big responses. Around 300.000 people, some 100.000 more than expected, came to hear Argentine evangelist Luís Palau (Portland/Oregon) in Monterrey, as to official press releases. Also here, the events were accompanied by humanitarian activities. 700 physicians treated thousands of patientes not able to afford medicines or surgeries. More than 10.000 children received free meals. Inmates of local prisons were given gift packages. Of 101 millionen population in Mexico, 89,5% are roman catholics, 6,2% are evangelicals and 3,6% don't belong at all. The remainings are of animistic religions.


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