If you want to know why Jesus is indeed important for you and your life; if you have questions about Him, about faith in general, salvation (redemption), Christianity, church, christian religion or about being a Christian, and suchlike, then do write to me here and I'll try to give you tangible answers.

Please, only serious questions (no mocking or such) and if possible no profound theological discussions. Here it is only about the basics of faith, and no theological colorings. Beyond this, theology is the teaching on the interpretation of one's own understanding of Scripture, which is being expressed in the variety of different Christian fellowships, churches, denomionations, congregations. They are knowledge in

part, like Paul says rightly - it is similar to a jigsaw puzzle; the pieces should complement each other. Yet unfortunately, these different parts of knowledge are causing a lot of controversy among Christians and this is why here, we only want to deal with the basics that are common to all Christians alike, regardless of their congregational background.

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