Science Student Claims He Can Prove That
Matter Was Spoken Into Existence as
Described in Genesis
by Breaking Christian News, February 13,2007
Source: WND Staff/TN (Feb. 13th, 2007), by WorldNetDaily

Samuel J. Hunt, a science student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, claims he can scientifically back up scripture in Genesis that says when God spoke, things were created.

"If God spoke everything into existence as the Genesis record proposes, then we should be able to scientifically prove that the construction of everything in the universe begins with a) the Holy Spirit (magnetic field); b) Light (an electric field); and c) that Light can be created by a sonic influence or sound," Samuel J. Hunt writes, adding, "There are several documented, and currently taught, laboratory experiments that accurately portray the events in Genesis in sequential order, the most important being that of sonoluminescence."

According to the report in WorldNetDaily, sonoluminescence is the process—verified by scientists—in which sending a sonic signal into bubbles in a fluid causes the bubbles to collapse and release photons, or create light.

The article quotes Hunt as explaining that in Genesis, God was sending a sonic influence into the waters, and basically creating light. Hunt has reportedly his theory, and backed it up with experiments described in his book, "Episteme Scientia, the Law of All That Is."

To read more of Hunt's experiments, following the link below.

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