God Miraculously Multiplies Gifts of Meat
for Needy Families in Egypt

Aimee Herd, Breaking Christian News, February 25, 2009

"We were so excited about this miracle… God is so great!"

Marc van der Woude, founder of Joel News International, a global e-zine based in The Netherlands, has shared a wonderful story of a modern-day "loaves and fishes" miracle. We have re-printed (with permission) that article below. For more information on Joel News, follow the link provided.

Last year Nadine, a German missionary who works with the Coptic Church in Egypt, reported about an uncommon miracle. She was part of a team that planned to distribute bags with meat among the poor in a certain district of Alexandria, but they had only half of the meat and bags they needed to provide for every family. Nevertheless they distributed the meat over the bags, one kilogram in every bag, and went on their way. (Photo: JoelNews.org)

"When we arrived at the first family and presented the meat bag to them, we noticed that instead of one kilogram, there was 2 kilogram in the bag," Nadine said. "When we checked the other bags, there were some with 1.5 kilogram, others with 2 or 3 kilogram of meat." Something strange was going on, the meat seemed to be multiplying! When they started redistributing the meat over the bags, they realized there were now also more bags then [what] they had brought with them. In the end every family received a full portion of meat, and by the end of the day they couldn't believe there were still 13 bags left in the trunk of their car. "We were so excited about this miracle," Nadine said. "God is so great!"

But the story didn't end here. The team decided to deliver the remaining 13 meat bags to the local Coptic priest. "We called him, and he invited us over for tea," Nadine said. "Afterwards he said we could put the meat in the trunk of his car. While my team mates were loading the meat in his car, I went to the toilet. When I returned, they were still busy carrying bags from one car to the other. I asked what they were doing, as after all there were only 13 bags. The trunk was now so full that they had difficulty closing it. My team members couldn't stop smiling. Later I heard they had loaded 40 meat bags in the priests' car!"

Source: Marc van der Woude - Joel News International