Falling Stars:
The Harvest Is Ripe In Hollywood
Shawn Bolz for the ElijahList, June 28, 2009

A Call to Action toward the Entertainment Industry

FOUNDING EDITOR'S NOTE: It’s imperative that we learn and grow as well as show great compassion during times of crisis, whether the death we observe is of a famous person or someone completely unknown.

This is an "Issachar" time to understand what is being allowed to happen on the same day by those who are known. This timing has to be more than coincidental.

Both deaths (and one previous to Thursday), were ICONS in Hollywood. The Bible teaches that there IS a time for each person to die. Unless we are alive when Jesus comes back, we will each have to face that day eventually ourselves.

Observing what God is allowing, the timing that it takes place, and learning to weep with those who weep is very key right now. We are rarely shown who accepted Christ "just in time" but whether they have received Jesus or not, the pain felt by surviving relatives is very real. At just such a time, our sympathies must be apparent and we should learn what God is teaching us with the timing He allows. -

Steve Shultz, BCN.

Shawn Bolz

A commission of love is being released toward the Entertainment Industry
The tragic passing of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson in one day [this past week] has hit the heart of Los Angeles in a devastating way. These two cultural icons, who pioneered in their respective industries, were loved. They were controversial, they were famous, they were broken, they were incredible—they were two of the people Jesus paid the price for on the cross. (Photo: Shawn Bolz)

For those of us living in Los Angeles, these kinds of events give us a much different

perspective on the world around us. As I watched people gathering on the streets for both of these stars, my heart broke. The issue of what happens after the death of some like these hanged in the air.

I have been getting e-mails all day. So many people had a burden for these two superstars. I know many Christians who surrounded Farrah Fawcett all the way to the end. She was prayed for. She put her hope in God. She was believing for miraculous healing, and she was even reading books from a Christian perspective about this. I am so grateful for her choices in the end, and that she and her now-widowed husband got married to honor each other and God. She will be missed.

Michael Jackson also had many Christians in his life giving him hope. They believed for restoration of who he was, not just as an entertainer, but as an individual. One of our radical Christian friends was going to be one of the choreographers on his new fifty-city tour. God was surrounding him with people who were called to love him on this mission ground of Hollywood…

Planting Mission Movements in Entertainment Cultures
Taking it a step further, I believe the Lord of the harvest is sending workers to the harvest field of the entertainment industry in a way that has never been so widespread. People are coming from all over the world to provoke God's love in the entertainment industries by working there.

Almost every major ministry we are connected to has begun to send people to minister here. Others are releasing people because they believe in their calling. Bethel, MorningStar, YWAM, Campus Crusade for Christ, TAC, Harvest Rock, HIM, Iris Ministries, etc. are all seeing the value of going into this industry to reap the harvest that is promised to Jesus…

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Source: Shawn Bolz – Expressions58.org, ElijahList