A New Study: Signs Of The Zodiac Is Mere Hocus-Pocus

April 6, 2006 by German Christian News Magazine
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Belief in signs of the zodiac and horoscopes
is all nonsense, say scientists. (photo: Archiv)

Å r h u s (PRO) - Whether "capricorn" and "virgin" fit together or not has now been clarified once and for all: In a large-scale study a German-Danish team of scientists has found out that there is no veritable coherence between month of birth, sign of the zodiac and the character of a person.

"Astrology Is A Lie"
As "Spiegel Online" (a German online news magazine) reported last Tuesday, psychologists have analised data of over 15.000 people in order to get to the bottom of the belief in stars. With it, the result of this study contradicts the point of view that there were typical characteristics in personalities, the scientists said. Peter Hartmann of the Århus University and his collegues give account of their results in the professional journal "Personality and Individual Differences". Although earlier researches showed indices of an influence of the point of birth of certain characteristics such as spontaneity or the readiness in taking risks, these latest researches show no such coherences.

Even the scientists themselves were surprised by the results: There are no statically significant coherences between the moment of birth and the characteristics in the personality of a person.

"Spiegel Online" proceeds in writing that years ago, a study by Hamburg psychologist Kurt Pawlik had already prooved that there definitely are people who, as to their self-evaluation, show coherences between the signs of the zodiac and certain characteristics in their personality: "It is with those who believe in astrology."


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