As I have already mentioned above, there are not only negative news. Besides all negative accumulation in these last days, you can also see an accumulation of God's work through His Holy Spirit. This is what this following article is about:

Hunger For God's Word Growing Worldwide
by "Bibel Liga", the German branch of the international Bible League

News: Amidst all earthquakes, droughts, famines, hurricanes and civil wars around the world in 2005, more people than in the year before accepted the ministry of the Bible League: 3.3 million graduates of Bible Study Courses received their own Bible. That is an increase of 26% comparing to the year 2004.

In Southeast Asia for example, in countries hit by the tsunami in the end of 2004, more than 1 million Bible Study Courses ave been accomplished - an average of 2.860 per day. Comparing to the year 2004, this is an increase of 34%. Most of those "Bible readers" have no Christians roots.

"I am overwhelmed by the great missionary engagement of native Christians," says Reinhard Kannenberg, mission leader of the German section of the Bible League "Bibel Liga" - who just came back from India. "In most of the countries where we are operating, there is a big interest in the Bible and we can only comply with 1/3 of the demand."

While the number of Christians in Europe is decreasing, it is just the contrary in the rest of the world. In Asia for example, their number increased by the triple in the last 30 years.

In 2005, church planters, who had been schooled by the Bible League, planted more than 5.500 new churches worldwide. In the Philippines alone, there are more than 1.000 new churches now.

The Bible League was founded in 1938 and is ever since spreading the Word of God worldwide. In addition to the printing of Bibles, other factors are the schooling of native Christians for evangelization and discipleship and the training of church planters in the center of the ministry work. The German branch "Bibel Liga" exists since 1996.


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