Doctors at 5th International Medical Conference
in Norway Emphasize Spiritual Healing

Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, 24.05.2008

"Spiritual Healing is the remedy needed in the 21st century...we need to
realize that miracles are far more contagious than any disease."

Healing in Norway
(Norway)—More than 200 Christian doctors and medical professionals from over 38 nations gathered in Trondheim for the 5th International Medical Conference this week and concluded that "medicine alone cannot deal with some of today's worst illnesses and that 'spiritual healing' is the remedy needed in the 21st century."

Among other things, the attendants reportedly examined actual case studies of

miracles that were presented by various respected doctors as well as some patients.

The cases, according to a Charisma Magazine report, ranged from a man being raised from the dead to a detached retina being healed, and a woman who received healing after being incapacitated when she was kicked by a horse.

"Doctors are the most credible people to testify to God's healing powers," said Honduras-born doctor Armando Pineda, who is now based in Florida and is director of the WCDN USA. "We need to realize that miracles are far more contagious than any disease."

Dr. Jenis av Rana, director of WCDN Scandinavia said: "In addition to the help that medical science has to offer we have the complete help, which only the Savior brings—the help He won on the cross when He, for our sake, won the complete and eternally valid freedom from everything our adversary tries to put on us. As believers it is our responsibility, in addition to providing medical or surgical aid, to bring them the complete help, which only the Savior can bring. [We must] be bold in this."

Reporter Dan Wooding noted that a surprising part of the conference was when the doctors who were not feeling well themselves lined up to be prayed for by other doctors, including Dr. Chancey W. Crandall IV who shared his personal testimony of seeing a patient resurrected. "This has been a wonderful experience for me as being with so many other doctors who believe as I do in God's healing power," said Crandall. "Sometimes you feel so alone, and now I realize that there are many of us in the medical profession."

Source: Dan Wooding - Charisma Magazine

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