Japanese Pastor Publicly Repents for Japan's Past Sins
Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, May 21, 2010

Pastor Reiji Oyama and others
(Japan)—Christian Today reports that Pastor Reiji Oyama, one of the founders of Japan Evangelical Association (JEA), requested time on the closing day of a JEA gathering to reconcile with fellow Believers in countries that Japan previously occupied. (Photo: Christian Today Japan)

"Japan repeatedly killed, murdered, stole, robbed, raped—just humiliated her neighbors," Oyama said. "Therefore, as a Japanese, I really want to express my

feelings of repentance. Not only do I want to repent to countries that Japan invaded and bombed and killed, but also as a Christian I want to really repent towards Israel."

According to the report, mission leaders in attendance were asked to pray to remove anger and bitterness toward others from their heart. Japanese church leaders were specifically encouraged to extend a hand to mission leaders of Asian countries that Japan hurt while they prayed.

Full story here: Michelle A. Vu - Christian Today