Heeding the "Call 2 Fall" this July 4th
by Aimee Herd, BCN Breaking Chrsitian News, June 28, 2010

"Why are you sleeping? Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation" (Lk 22:46).

This year America's Independence Day falls on a Sunday, when many Christians will be meeting together in prayer and worship. In light of this, a "Call to Fall" has gone out across the nation, for each Believer to "fall" to their knees in prayer for the country.

According to the Call 2 Fall website...
The "Call 2 Fall" on our knees will be happening in the many places Christians meet on Sunday. We realize that the Church gathers in worship centers, store-fronts, homes, and various other places all across America. We are encouraging Believers to kneel at least 3 to 5 minutes before the Lord wherever they may gather that day.

"Call 2 Fall" on our knees is for every Christ-follower in America. Specifically, there are multiplied millions of Believers who realize that America is in trouble and that neither Washington nor Wall Street has the answers. We are hoping that at least 40,000 churches will join in a corporate act of humility, repentance, and desperate prayer on our knees before the Lord.

"Call 2 Fall" in corporate humility before the Lord is set for Sunday July 4, 2010. Why that Sunday? Because on the day we celebrate our "Independence," we should also express our "Dependence" upon the Lord. Throughout this special day, we encourage Believers to spend time on their knees in crying out to God to heal our souls and our land.

Below is a good word from Dave Kubal, president of Intercessors for America, regarding the Call 2 Fall, and praying for the USA.

Sorrow Must Not Stop Us
The Lord's final meal with His disciples was a very serious and disturbing event! At the beginning of the Passover Seder as Jesus institutes the "Lord's Supper," He declares that He will never observe the Passover again. He sobers the scene even more when He states that He will no longer "drink of the fruit of the vine." The disciples' dreams and visions of reigning with power and prestige were dashed.

Jesus announced that He was no longer going to be around.
Immediately after the covenant meal, they walked a mile or so to the nearby Mount of Olives to pray. Jesus was in such anguish "that His sweat was like drops of blood." The Father even dispatched an angel to minister and strengthen His Son who was in agony and pain.

Jesus finished praying and returned to His disciples who were supposed to be on watch with Him and praying. He found them all asleep.

If Jesus ever needed supportive intercessors, it was at the time just prior to His Crucifixion. But those that He counted on to hold Him up in prayer proved non-reliable because they were "exhausted from sorrow."

Fellow intercessors, this is a lesson we must learn. We must not let sorrow stop us from interceding. It is easy to view God's destiny for this nation as in jeopardy, but we cannot allow this to produce sorrow that stops us from praying.

Father, help us to faithfully watch unto prayer—and when the Church and our nation do turn back, help us endeavor, as it says in Luke, to strengthen the rest of our fellow Believers across the world. Amen

-Dave Kubal, President, Intercessors for America

Call 2 Fall website