An Unbelievable Story
by Birgit Barandica , 2005

This is as one out of many touching examples, the story of Ahmad. A man who has been persecuted like a criminal and was physically attacked several times during almost 3 decades because of his love for Jesus. Through Gods' saving hands, he could even escape his family's intent to kill him.

During many difficult years of his underground life, he experienced a lot. Unfortunately, not only good things. Some of them are mentioned in this booklet "An Unbelievable Story". But God stood always at his side and even used him for others.

Now, he is officially being searched for by the Public Attorneys' Office of his country for 'defamation of islam'. I know Ahmad and his family personally and thus know of the truth of their life's story. His case is also known to international Christian organizations that lobby for persecuted people worldwide.

God has confounded his detention last-minute. In miraculous ways, somebody unkown to our friend sent him and his family air tickets into freedom! Isn't our God awesome?!! He never forsakes His people! What a mercy the whole family could stay together! Yet although they are living in freedom now, danger not even there is fully banished. Fanatic islamists are looking for 'their' people everywhere. If 'succeeding', they carry things to the extreme even abroad. In the meantime, I have learned that a particular internationally operating islamist group has found out about them and are threatening them via email now. Seems like they have "done their homework" thoroughly...

But Ahmad still wants to make his unbelievable story known to us, who (still) don't know of such an unfree life in persecution. As I also have grown to love Jesus, I gladly give him a platform here. I have changed the names of persons and places, in order not to endanger this family more than they already are endangered by the pure facts of their life.

Christian Organizations can only render assistance up to a certain point, of course. They have taken care of things for example like first lodging, legal matters for stay permits, counselling to work up those horrible incidents. Beyond this, we brothers and sisters are in demand. So primarily, I would like to call for prayer for Ahmad and his family. Please, take them into your prayerlists!

The Christian Counter