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-Catherine Brown
November 28, 2005


Just the other night, I laid down on my bed to rest for a few moments. I was feeling extremely tired after a busy--but productive--day. All I wanted was some private moments with my King. I began to silently praise Jesus by raising my arms. I felt too tired to keep my arms raised, but I lifted them up nonetheless. Softly, I whispered, "I want to be a laid-down lover of Jesus; all I want is to worship you, Lord." Instantly, I found myself caught up in a visitation with the Lord.

Using a key, the Lord opened up a music box to reveal a dancing ballerina inside, set against the backdrop of a mirror. The music was delightful, as were the dancer's movements. I paused for a moment to consider the absolute grace and beauty of the dancer in motion. I looked at the hands of Christ, pierced for our sins, and marveled afresh at their eternal beauty. I considered the grace-filled movements of the dancer and how much they reflected the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I considered the nations and the great need for the revelation of His grace in this hour.

I looked at Jesus, and He said, "That which was hidden is at once made obvious to a worshipful heart."

"But it (grace) is so beautiful; why must it be hidden Lord?"

"This, my child, is the mystery: the Gospel is an open secret to all with a heart to pursue and receive Me."


The mirror inside the box reflected my face. Similarly, our lives ought to reflect the grace of God. I started to cry, and Jesus took my teardrops and put them on the dancer. Tears and grace are a potent combination and have the potential to revive the nations.

"My child, save your tears for those who are in the most torment."

At this, an apocalyptic vision opened up before me as the Lord said, "The battle for the heart of Europe has begun."

Stricken, I asked Jesus, "How do we wage war for the heart of Europe, Lord?"


He responded, "Continue to worship with compassion and kindness in your hearts. Continue to care for and carry the weak and the oppressed. I will convene Kingdom gatherings in nations" (I saw believers gather in Paris, Rome, the Netherlands, and Germany to name a few).

"Take the Key of Grace to all nations. I am calling leaders together--they will come together because of My Voice. Collaborate with kindness and build nets of mercy for the multitudes through prayer, through tears, through love, and through humility.

"Establish My government in Europe and do not allow the enemy to violate the boundaries of grace. Keep close in unity by my Spirit. Cross oceans simply to serve one another. Have compassion on the wounded and the weary. Feed the starving with the Bread of My Presence. Carry my anointing, as my ambassadors, into Parliaments and into Palaces. Meet with Police, Fire fighters, Medical and Military men and women and encourage them in their work. Speak to teachers to reinstate redemptive thinking in their classrooms, particularly in France.

"I will send my envoys to assist you. Never forget how to dance, for from the heart of worship flows the power and the grace-filled love of Eternity."


I laid speechless on my bed as tears rolled down my face. I thought of France, and the precious brothers and sisters whom I love there. France--a nation caught up in violence and unrest. I recalled a vision from 2001 when I saw Apollyon ('the destroyer' Revelation 9:11) begin to march through Europe. It began in France and fanned out across Europe and into Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, and more. It is my conviction at this time that the situation in France is bigger than we had envisioned. There certainly may be issues that the Lord wants to address in France, yet what is happening in France is bigger than France and is affecting many parts of Europe.

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "The spirit of anarchy has been released. The enemy has released unholy fire in the nations; it is time for the holy fire of My presence to burn instead."

Now is the hour for a global company of Nazirites to rise up in the nations to countermand the enemy's work in the neo-Nazi movement and in the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. The nations will be won only in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


I share this with you now, my brothers and sisters in Christ, in the hope that you will join me in prayer. As a citizen of the Kingdom and a citizen of Europe, I implore you to pray with us and for us.

Pray for a revelation of grace in the nations and that the church will come into a new understanding of grace in this hour. Pray for a company of Nazirites to be raised up and for Christ to be exalted in Europe. Pray for a spirit of repentance and compassion to be birthed through the European church.


Pray for mission teams to be sent to France and from France, particularly to African and Arab nations. Pray that the French believers will move in the opposite spirit than that which is operating in society. Pray that Military and Emergency workers would be encouraged and thanked for their work. Pray for generous gifts to be given to the poor and marginalized in French society. Pray that dividing walls be broken between races and religions. Pray for the Spirit of Jesus to empower and enable believers to go into the heart of the fire, just like Shadrach, Abednego, and Meshach, to the glory of God.

As we see in the book of Acts 2, fire in the nations can be a precursor to a release of the grace of God to bring forth salvations:

"I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy, I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." -Acts 2:18-21

Grace is with us in the heart of the fire!


By way of accountability, I sent this prophetic word/article to several key international leaders for testing and further input prior to releasing it into the public domain. James Goll responded that he felt this is a "true word," and he also sent the following beautiful, prophetic promise, prompted by the image of the dancing ballerina and the mirror in the vision:

"The bride that I shall raise up shall dance upon historic injustice and be a true reflection of my grace and mirror my image in the earth." -James Goll

Yours in the love of our King

Catherine Brown

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