AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Indiana/USA
437 pages
ISBN 1-4259-6180-0

Made Easy


Polly Gwinn

God has gifted Polly with a great talent of telling His story with us. His story in as much as He Himself has shown us in His Word, the Bible. Yet He has also called several people into several ministries to teach His Word, to make it known, to make it understandable in different situations. "Faith comes by hearing," says the Bible. This includes all sorts of sermons and all sorts of explicatory and exegetical words about the Bible, God's Word. This has been accomplished in a successful way in this book - Scripture made easy!

In a story-like way, Polly brings contents together that are spread over the Bible explaining them with scripture references. Thus, her book is divided into big chapters such as "The Father", "The Son", "Good and Evil", "Balance", "Prayer", "God Uses People" and so on. Subdivisions then explain things into more detail.

Dive into it and enjoy - you will experience the Bible being full of life reaching into our own generation and beyond!

Polly Gwinn is a fine Texas lady. Together with her husband she has three grown children and three grand children.

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