I was completely excited! How great that GOD TV offered the possibility to somehow "take part" in the event and watch it live! Internationally known worship leaders like Brian Doerksen, Noel Richards (who is the one having the vision to bring this event forward; he did it already in 1997 at the Wembley stadium in London), David Ruis, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman; famous German worship leaders like Albert Frey (photo), Arne Kopfermann, Lothar Kosse, Andrea Adams-Frey; groups like Delirious? - and many more participated.

Okay, I was a little disappointed to see "only" 25,000 people participating - but still, 25.000 is quite a number - especially here in Germany, concerning Christian public events!

So thank you for all of you who have prayed for this event, and who are praying for Germany in particular!

Concerning the numbers, Calling All Nations could surely not keep up with the numbers of the "Love Parade" (a weird techno party, carnival-like) which took place at the same time in Berlin. But concerning the results, it definitely did keep up: here, it was not about glorifying a fallen creation, but the Creator Himself! And He was definitely present among those who participated in person and those who participated before tv screens, thus outnumbering "Love Parade", for GOD TV can be watched worldwide.

Like in almost every situation, it is not about quantity, but about quality. And there, where it is about God, the quality is always greater, even if the numbers of those participating is small, for here it is about eternity! God dwells in the praises of His people, as it is said in Psalm 22 - well, and God WAS praised and worshipped yesterday at Berlins' Olympic Stadium during 10 hours! Praise Him that despite a number of (ignorant) criticism, the number of worshippers is growing here in this country! I pray this will go on!

God invites us to "rejoice always". Well, exactly THAT happened yesterday in this stadium and before the screens; people rejoiced over the Lord with singing! And He has promised us to do just the same: to rejoice over us with singing (Zephaniah 3,17)!

So, despite all prophecies of doom, Calling All Nations has been a completely biblical event and the impact it has will be seen everywhere in this country!

The Christian Counter