Two weeks ago, I had an email from our prayer partner and my friend Jeannie in Tasmania, forwarding me another email of one of her friends who had attended Kathie Walters' conference on Angels & Chariots in New Zealand. The email said that Kathie had a prophetic word for Germany and if she (Jeannie) would know of someone from Germany to send it to. This was me! This word was absolutely incredible and wonderful, so I immediately translated it and uploaded it in the German version of WAYS OF LIFE, which is LEBENSWEGE. I also informed Kathie about it and she sent me the following email testimonies on the vision that people had during her preachings. She asked me to spread them to as many people as possible, as the visions mentioned are not directed only to Australia and New Zealand, but also to the world in general. So, this is what I am doing here with great delight!

Kathie Walters/Ian Johnson
June 26, 2006

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The power and Presence of God was powerful in Australia and New Zealand. Wonderful testimonies. When I was in Auckland area of New Zealand - I believe a portal was opened.

Friday and Saturday the perfume of the Lord, honey, oil was all over the place -there was lots of glory on everyone and many people got delivered from religious spirits and all kinds of negative things.

Sunday morning at Papatoetoe Elim church, I was preaching and I could feel something resisting me. Suddenly I saw a huge red dragon come into the room just above the doorway - it swept down fast right towards my face. I stepped back as it took me by surprise. But a while later I saw a light above us and a heavenly portal opened, and I saw thousands and thousands of angels released into New Zealand. Immediately there were all kinds of angelic activity and many chariots also came into New Zealand. The Lord told me that many angels were being released to minister in the earth - who have never been in the earth before. At the same time a lot of angelic activity happened in Australia.

Step into the move of God and let go of your religious mind sets. Below are some wonderful testimonies of Angels and Chariots from New Zealand. There is also a short article on the Chariots of God from Pastor Ian Johnson, Papatoeteo Elim Church-Auckland area, NZ

From Ian Johnson, Pastor of Papatoetoe Elim Church in Auckland, NZ, June 22, 2006

Kathie Walters has just been in New Zealand and many supernatural events had taken place over the two meetings leading up to our Sunday morning service at Papatoetoe Elim Church. In this service Kathie had just shared a message on Angels and the Chariots of God. She was praying for people and as the Pastor of the Church I was moving amongst the crowd trying to organize catchers for Kathie. I suddenly fell out into the Spirit and on the floor among everyone's feet. I was aware of people around me but I was becoming increasingly aware of the Spiritual realm.

Kathie had been speaking about Angels in the meeting and many in the room were seeing them or were aware of their presence. There were hundreds released into the meeting that morning and I was excited and full of anticipation. As I lay on the floor, a chariot and Angel appeared beside me. How exciting it was to see and yet there was more exciting things to come.

The chariot was purple with Gold embellishments and was drawn by two horses one black, one white. The angel was in purple also with Gold edges and sash. I can't remember much about his face except he was always smiling with a sort of encouraging and exhorting smile.

I guess I could explain what was happening, as being like a very vivid dream opening up before me, the more I entered into the vision the more real it became. As I focused on that which was before me I heard the Angel speak, His voice was soft yet very firm and compelling. He said "Hop in" and gestured with his hand toward the chariot. I saw myself walking toward the chariot and stepping into it beside the Angel.

I don't remember how we got to our first destination, it was instant, one minute in Papatoetoe, next thing I remember we were rushing down a street in Rajahmundry/ India, the demonic beings in the street all dived for cover. Because we were in the Spirit, I was just seeing the Spiritual, I didn't notice the people, but the thing I remember with the most excitement was the way in which the demonic were routed so effortlessly.

We sped through several other streets in various villages and cities in India, then I found myself over Turkey, the same thing happened, we dived down and raced through several streets with tremendous speed. The demons jumped in every direction to get out of the way of the chariot.

Next we were parked on the Western Wall in Jerusalem, What an amazing thing, to be in a Chariot parked on the Western wall.

A different Angel came toward us and said "Do you want to go again"? I said "yes." After all I didn't really fancy being stuck on the top of a wall in Israel!

The Angel said, "Look behind you". As I did I could see there were many chariots and angels with us now. I don't know how many, but it was very many. We took off again, this time as we approached a city in Egypt, the impact of many chariots caused an even greater scattering of the demonic .

Before, we had seen streets cleared, now we were seeing whole parts of the cities cleared of Satan's forces.

We flew over and through Turkey again, very fast, and then into went India.

We went down the waterways of Kerela, it was hard to believe the amount of demonic activity in and around he waterways. As we descended and travelled just above the water there was a massive scattering of the demonic.

We headed over Bangalore and into Andhra Pradesh again, down through Tamil Naidu. Occasionally we would sweep through an area with amazing results. I have to say I didn't really look at the Angel too much. There was so much happening below us. We stopped in Sri Lanka, I'm not sure why, but almost as quickly as we had stopped we took off again. All the time my Chariot was in the front and all the others followed.

We went down through Malaysia, Singapore and across Indonesia and the Philippines, finally stopping on the Gold Coast of Australia.

The Angel asked, "Do you want to go again?" I said "yes". I was having an amazing time, but also I was aware that it was important to go as often as I was invited. It seemed there was a purpose in what the Angel was showing me, and I didn't want to miss any of it!

We went back again ending up in Jerusalem, once again via Turkey. This time I was approached by the Angel on the wall. He had a rod in His hand which he extended toward me, motioning me to take it from his hands. I reached out and took the rod. Then the Angel said, "Do you realize you are home now?"

For me it was like a realization that the supernatural realm was where we have been called to live. Then the Angel said, "Off you go", and with a motion of his hand I found myself back in Papatoetoe.

Wow! I was very drunk and unable to stand up when I arrived back, and the supernatural realm was very close, easy to step in and out of for some time.

In fact at lunch, the chariot arrived again and took me over Indonesia which was all engulfed in flames. I mean the whole of the nation was engulfed. You could see through the flames. We went down among the flames where the children were dancing in the streets. I think that was the thing that was impressed on me the most, the Kids praising, singing shouting and loving Jesus. And adults were full of joy as well as they watched the Kids

Indonesia was in the grips of a massive revival of a national scale. It seemed to be all in the streets.

I felt as if this was an event very near. The Angel returned me to lunch again, but kept coming and going all through lunch. He had a very playful smile, but didn't say anything more.

My life will never be the same! I am called to live in the Supernatural as are all Christians. The Angels are sent to help us in our walk and love for Jesus. Many saw Angels and experienced the move out of Heaven on Sunday morning! New Zealand will never be the same!

Pastor Ian Johnson

From Margaret Knight of Papatoetoe Elim Church

When I was first baptized in the Holy Spirit, I was able to see in the spirit realm and I had many wonderful visions. Talking with God was not a difficult thing as I realized that God was speaking all the time and if we chose, we could hear Him talking to me about all kinds of things.

Whenever I looked into the spirit realm, I was able to see. When I prayed with people I would look into the spirit realm and prayed what I saw. I would ask the Holy Spirit what it was that I saw and how it applied to the person and then pray that with them.

We later were involved a church where hearing God speak and seeing visions was not really accepted and gradually I began to shut down my gifting because of what people were saying.

I would begin to see something and then pull myself back into the natural realm and push it down so that in the end I was not seeing at all and hearing God became something that went from an easy thing to a difficult thing.

Even going to another church did not help as soon, I discovered that even though people seemed to be open and appearing to want to hear on the outside, it would come back on me and I would be criticized, and the same things would happen all over again. I shut the spirit realm out of my life.

When Kathie Walters came to NZ and spoke at our church and I listened to what she was teaching, it all began to come back. On the third day (Sunday morning) when she was speaking about angels, it suddenly dawned on me that I had been hearing them speak to me over a period of time. When I heard them speak, I pushed the voices away saying to myself that I was imagining things.

At the end of the service Kathie prayed for our ears to be opened and she prayed against a spirit of abortion, that had tried to abort people's gifts and callings. I began to feel a deep stiring in my spirit and when she prayed personally for me, I went down and lay on the floor for a time.

Then I felt wind on my face and had the experience of being lifted up and of flying through the air. I was also experiencing the fire of God burning within me. Kathie talked about the Hebrides revival and every time she spoke about revival I would see flames of fire over buildings; angels like lightning moving across cities and countries.

As I was lifted high up, I felt like I was flying and I became aware that I was not alone and I looked and there was an Angel right beside me. We were looking down over cities, mountain ranges, fields, up above and below the clouds. I saw children playing in city squares' people. It seemed like we were flying around the world as we just kept going.

Then I felt sad as I realized how I must have grieved the Holy Spirit as I denied the gift that He had given me. There was a restoration work taking place in my spirit. I had to leave the lunch table as I couldn't quite "come back".

Later, after the anointing had lifted off me, I asked God what was that all about and He told me that He had never left me. That the gift that He had given me was always there even though I had chosen not to use it, and cut myself off. He was talking to me again and showing me things. How awesome is that. At the next meeting when Kathie was speaking, I looked around the people to see if I could see and guess what, I was able to see!

As I yielded to the Holy Spirit, He began to show me some things and I took a step towards speaking them again. Now I can hear him singing over me - What joy!!!!


Miriama and the Angels

On Sunday 18th of June 2006, Kathie Walters was speaking at Papatoetoe Elim Church in NZ and Miriama came and sat at the back because she was a little afraid of the Supernatural. During the meeting, Angels began to arrive on mass in the meeting and Miriama saw them around her. At first she was afraid but they became very playful with her, pulling faces and playing hide and seek. Miriama was overwhelmed because up until this point she thought that only very Holy people ever saw Angels. But after Kathie explained that the supernatural realm and the Angels should be a natural part of every Christians' experience, she was released to see them. That night at home she heard a noise in the bedroom next to hers, no one should have been there, she went to investigate and discovered an Angel bouncing a ball against the wall looking to play with her. She now feels so released to see into the Supernatural.

Lloyd Rivers-Smith & Revival in Fiji

As Kathie was praying for people after she had preached on Angels and the Chariots of God, I had an amazing experience. As I was on the floor, a Chariot of fire arrived and I was motioned in. The Chariot ended up in a place in Fiji that I am familiar with, because its not far from where I was born. The village is Natadola and I was taken there to see the move of God coming to the village. The Chariot of fire moved over the village and set fire to the whole village. I know that I will be returning to Fiji and the Chariot ride confirmed this.

From Wednesday night Fusion Church meeting:

We had two women who saw angels within a twelve hour period after the Wednesday night meeting. One had a vision of the angel over our church - a big gold worship angel in Roman soldier uniform. The other one saw two with her physical eyes! She awoke at 1.30 in the morning with her bed shaking. At the foot of the bed were two tall angels with swords dressed in Roman soldier uniforms! You should have seen these two women when they were comparing experiences with each other! People are excited and released after Wednesday night, and we all feel more deeply immersed in the supernatural realm. I was deeply affected when Kathie prayed for me.,

Gaye, Fusion Church.

Pastor Ian Johnson explains

What the Bible says about Chariots and Angels


Today, I received an e-mail questioning the Chariots of God and the Angelic assistance he gives his servants. In the e-mail it was recommended that I return to the faith of my forefathers. I don't think that's a good idea because my forefathers were Jewish mystics, Druids, Freemasons and Vikings. So I thought the Chariots of God were a safer bet! But the e-mail started a thought process. I started to think a little about what was said and wondered, "Well, how many Chariots does the Lord actually have? And what impact do they have?" And the answer is in the Scripture.

Psalm 68:17: The chariots of God are twenty thousand, Even thousands of thousands; The Lord is among them as in Sinai, in the Holy Place.

2 Kings 6:17: Then Elisha prayed, "O Lord, open his eyes and let him see!" The Lord opened his servant's eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire.

There are simply Millions and Millions of Chariots, and I can't see why the Father would suddenly decide to park up all His chariots and put them into retirement

If there were hillsides full of Chariots helping Elisha then there are hillsides of Chariots helping His servants today. After all, the book of Hebrews says, "The Angels are Ministers of fire sent to help the Heirs of Salvation". Who drives the heavenly Chariots? Angels do!

The First century Church worked with Angels all the time and they had some amazing experiences!

Phillip was told to go South by an Angel (Acts 8:26) and he did, and ended up baptizing a Eunuch. As they came out of the water, Phillip was caught away. He simply disappeared and turned up in another place (Acts 8:39). Now I'd say that was a supernatural experience. There are many accounts of Angelic activity in Kathie Walter's book ANGELS WATCHING OVER YOU

In Acts 9:3, Paul was zapped from heaven by a blinding light. He heard a voice from heaven and so did his friends.

In Acts 9:10, Ananias had an open vision in which the Lord gave instructions concerning Paul. The rest is History!

Peter falls into a trance on a roof top, and "picnics" take on a whole new meaning in Acts 10:9.

In Acts 12:6-10, Peter is rescued by an Angel. At one point he thought it was all a dream, but then he realized that the Supernatural was more real than the natural bondage of prison.

In Acts 19:9, Paul receives an open vision of a man from Macedonia

In Acts 22:17-21, Paul falls into a trance and receives a vision.

In Acts 27:23, an Angel appears to Paul.

In Revelation 1:9, John is caught up into Heaven.

In 2 Cor 12:1-4, Paul recounts being caught up into heaven!

These are just the things that are recorded! So, why do 21st century Christians find it so hard to accept the Chariots of God, the Angels and the realm of the Spirit?

Perhaps I should return to the faith of my Fathers, I'm sure that some of those good old Jewish believers of the first century would have belonged to my extended family. So in Answer to that e-mail I'll say Yes! Yes, I will return to the faith of my Fathers. I will walk in co-operation with the Holy Spirit to see the Church released into accepting that we have Millions of helpers in the Spiritual realm all wanting to see Jesus glorified.

My Chariot ride made me more convinced than ever that without Supernatural help the job will never get done! There is never an experience in the Supernatural realm of God that doesn't lead us to a greater harvest!

Today, I received an e-mail from Missionary friends in one of the counties we buzzed in the Chariot. Last night, a 15 year old boy came to them and said he had received a vision of Jesus, and was led to them by an Angel. He wanted to know more, they showed him the Jesus video in his language, now he knows the truth! That's what being a missionary all is about! Imagine toiling away for 15 years handing out bits of literature, perhaps with little reward. Isn't it much better to work in co-operation with the Angels to see Jesus glorified? They won't preach the Gospel that's our job! But they will make it easier for us.

Let's get out of the mind set that wants to put the Angels, the Supernatural and the Chariots of God into something that was only for a select few in the first century! It trades for you and it's for me. We can see the job done real quick if we do! And have some adventure on the way.

Ian Johnson

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