Audio sermon in German, translated by Tina Pompe.

Unfortunately, the direct link to this sermon has been cancelled. But it can still be heard, you only have to go into the
Archives of Baruch HaShem-Synagogue.
Scroll down to 06-14-2008 "Guest Speaker Jobst Bittner" and click "Audio".
Then you can download the sermon onto your own player.

Jobst Bittner is pastoring TOS Church in Tübingen, South Germany. At the moment, he and his team are traveling in the US, preaching at several places. This past Saturday, June 14, 2008, he was invited at Messianic Synagogue Baruch HaShem ("Praise God") in Dallas, Texas, where he already preached on some other occasions before.

In his sermon he explains descriptively well the reason why Europeans so often are having difficulties in their faith, dedicating themselves completely. There is indeed a basic problem that only few are aware of. European life is influenced by this basic foundation in almost every aspect. Even in his own time, Paul realized this "greec spirit".

Enjoy this helpfully explaining sermon, no matter if you "only" need an explanation or if it concerns you personally. I am certain it will be kind of a light bulb moment for you, the same as it was for me! Once again, I became aware of our actual roots as Christians!

In his sermon, Jobst mentions the "March of Life". It took place between August 9 thru 16, 2008. Reports and pictures are ready to watch:

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