How The Death Of My Son Made Me Find Christ
by Jeannie Schultz

I once read Tarot Cards - now I read the Bible. Back in 1993 everything in life was going okay. The family was happy enough. We all worked together on weekends on our small farm digging potatoes and picking strawberries. I had 5 sons, so you can imagine what I was doing much of the time - washing!

The boys were like any other country kids, involved in community activities and making friends. My husband was in demand in the community as a Builder. I played my part by being on committees of scouts, band, and secretary of the school the boys attended.

This peaceful country life was soon shattered when one of our sons was killed in a car accident. He was 16.6 years of age. He had been playing in the local football team for a while when disaster hit. He started to have drinks after the football game with his mates. It took one night of binge drinking and a spur of the moment joy ride in his mate's car and BANG!!! My son was gone - hit a tree and was killed instantly. He had never driven a car before and never drank at home. One night it took, a lesson to all. Praise God he was alone so no-one else got killed. He was a good kid.

I used to grieve for months when someone lost a child but in hindsight I can see where God prepared me for my son's death. Two months before he died, I had a vision that I was going to lose him. I was vacuuming the floor when suddenly a thought came into my mind. I could see myself cleaning up his clothes behind the bathroom door. After losing my son. A car accident crossed my mind. Because he rode a pushbike, I brushed it aside. It kept coming back. I thought that maybe it was because he was coming up to the age of getting a driver's licence. I forgot about it.

On the morning of January 30, 1994, a knock came at our door. On opening it, I was confronted by two police officers. They had come to tell us that our son had passed away in a single vehicle accident. I just sat, unbelieving! It was an unreal feeling. After the police officers left I sat for a while longer. The vision I had had two months earlier came to my mind once again. It was like a dream, like I had heard it all before. Finally I took up the courage to look behind the bathroom door. Those very clothes I saw in that vision were there. What an eerie feeling for me to deal with! I couldn't believe my eyes.

We grieved like any parents grieved. I knew in my heart that someone must have been looking after me because I felt a strength in what we were all going through. I had an unusual peace amidst turmoil. In hindsight I know God gave me this strength so that I could help my family in their grief.

Not long after our son died a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses turned up at my door. They handed me a pamphlet which said that if you delve into sorcery etc. you will go into a fire at the end of the world. Well, I didn't want to go into a fire at the end of the world. After they left I hunted for the Bible I had been given as a child in Sunday School. All I could remember of Sunday School was the names, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I would have only been six or seven when I attended Sunday School. Praise God for my Mum who sent me for a while as a child.

I looked up the Scripture in Revelation and yes, it was there alright! "Oh,dear," I thought. I suddenly realised that what I had been delving in was wrong. I realised that Fortune Telling, Runes, Astrology, Palm Reading, Channelling and other things I'd had a go at, was not right. I had been searching for the meaning to life but I was going looking in the wrong place. I read and reread the Scripture. It made sense.

I had been to the local tip shop a few weeks earlier and remembered there was a Bible there. I knew what I would do, I would go up and get that Bible and see if it said something different. Yes, that's what I would do! My friend came with me. As we drove into the tip site, I spotted a man tipping books over the edge of the tip. I sang out, "Hey, don't throw those books away, I collect books." I asked him could he throw them in the back of my van. He did. I went into the tip shop and yes, the Bible was still there. I bought it. On arriving home we tipped the box of books onto the kitchen table. I could not believe my eyes - a box of religious books! On browsing, one book in particular caught my eye. It was a book by Seven Day Adventist lady, Ellen White called "The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan". On opening the book my eyes were led to the words: IT IS NOT BY CHANCE Y0U HAVE OPENED THIS BOOK ... My heart skipped a beat. This book changed my life. It answered many questions for me. God can use anyone to get His message across.

I knew that day that there is a good spirit and a bad spirit. God is good and Satan is out to destroy us. He is out to turn our eyes from finding God, that is why he puts the icing on the cake, so to speak, with all the new age and other so called pleasures of life. What people don't realise is they are heading for a life of destruction. There is certainly a difference and I found out that day. All the other books in that box were relevant to what was going on in my life too. Co-incidence? I think not - a divine appointment. What a great timing!

As time went on I began to ask the questions, "Why? Why so young?" My son had been offered a permanent job a week before he died. Why, when he had a whole lifetime ahead of him? He had so much potential. One day as I hung out the washing I wondered where my son had gone. I wasn't quite sure what happened to you when you died. One of my theories at time was that we reincarnate. I was just thinking about it when all of sudden these words came into my head: ALL CHILDREN BELONG TO GOD.

"Wherever did that come from?" I thought. Somehow I felt he was safe. I needed more proof than that though. I went down the street to do some shopping later on and a lady sang out to me. I went over to her. She said, "Jeannie, your son is in heaven with Jesus". It was one of his Sunday School teachers. Well, you can imagine how I felt, or maybe you couldn't unless it actually happened to you. This was the confirmation I needed.

My son whom I lost used to go off on his pushbike to Sunday School when he was about 11 or 12. He believed in Jesus. My heart skipped another beat whenever I thought about it. Praise God for those Sunday School teachers who planted that seed in his heart! I hang onto this. I know we are supposed to be "born again" of the Spirit but I hang onto the Scripture where Jesus says, "Come to me, little children ..." Only God knows but I live with the hope that I will see him again. Since then two of my sons have been "born again" and baptised. I am trusting God to touch the others by His Spirit. My husband is now also saved. God is also blessing my sons so much.

On June 30th 1994, five months to the day after my son died, I was still trying to work out the real meaning to life. Life went back to normal. It would never be the same, as a link in our chain had been broken but we knew we had other kids to raise. One day as I was reaching up to open a cupboard, a feeling went through me I could only describe as a "wave of love". It was a sensational feeling! I felt peace and joy. I wanted to sing and dance. I felt so happy. What had happened? I couldn't believe it. I realised later on that God had healed me. He turned my mourning into dancing and my sorrow into joy. I knew I was on the right road at last. The scales had been taken off my eyes and the plugs had been taken from my ears.

I can honestly say that I have never grieved since. Only God can do this, only God can heal a Mother's broken heart. It is not something we can do on our own. I now talk to those who lose loved ones. I knew that I knew that I knew that God was real. I had a revelation. I began to talk to Him, I prayed for the first time. I started a diary. It started off "I am on the right road at last ..." I felt so excited, it is something one doesn't forget. God had touched me by His Spirit. I believe He filled me with His Holy Spirit that day.

In my diary I started to ask God to save my friends. One by one He led me to people and He saved them. I talked to Him all the time and I still do. I got a real hunger to read the Bible. The Holy Spirit taught me the New Testament really fast, especially the promises of God. I know why now. I stand on the promises of God and I won't budge. If He says it then I believe it. I encourage others to stand on His promises too, especially through hard times. God now uses me to find Scriptures for people. He leads me to the Scriptures they need. Praise God, I am predicting, but this time it is the Truth and it is by the right spirit.

Just after I found God, I felt moved to write some poetry. I was actually a Writer at the time so it came naturally to me. On sitting down and moving my pen, words just flowed onto the page. I had not even heard of the word "hallelujah", so I thought it a bit strange that I wrote it down. I believe the Holy Spirit inspired me to write those poems.

One day, it felt different, it felt like God wasn't there anymore. I continued to pray and stand on His Word. I didn't have the feeling for long. He was back. I believe He was testing me to see if I was serious, that I really did trust and believe in Him. Nothing would change my mind now.

I didn't go to church until October, 1994. God used a dear friend of mine to visit me and sow seeds in my life. She took one of my sons, who was eight years old at the time, to church each Sunday. I sent the poetry to the people at the church to read. God had a plan. In October, I felt I was ready to attend church. I loved it, I felt right at home. God moved so fast in my life. In February 1995, I was baptised, along with two of my sons aged 8 and 6. Life was great. I had a peace beyond understanding. Since then, I attend this small country Pentecostal church in Cygnet, Tasmania.

God has used me mightily since the day He saved me. He answers all my prayers, not always in the way I would like, but I guess He knows what is best for me at the time. I only have to ask Him and He gives it to me what I need. He is my Provider. In 1996, He called me to do Bible College. I have been doing it part-time since then when I can afford the Modules. I will have my Diploma of Christian Ministry when I finish it.

I am now an Evangelist and God has given me many other gifts. He gives me the gift I need at the time. My faith has never wavered. I have learnt not to be offended. I am growing more mature every day by His grace. I love the Word of God. It is Truth. It is the instructions to life. I am convinced there is nothing else in this world that will give me the peace I feel. The peace of God is unbelievable! It is a peace beyond understanding - just as the Bible says!

So much has happened since I was saved! Maybe I will write a book someday. I do know that if a person makes himself/herself available to God, they can be assured He will use them. I challenge anyone who reads this to come up with a better life than serving the One true God and the Lord Jesus Christ. I also challenge those who don't know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour to ask Him into their heart. I can guarantee them their life will never be the same again.

I have lost a son but I can honestly say I have never felt such a peace and happiness. I have never lost the peace God gave me on June 30th 1994. I have a joy that overflows into everything I do. I have "rivers of living water" flowing from me. I know my destiny. I am going to meet my Saviour, Jesus Christ and by the grace of God, my son whom I lost.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I had to lose my son before I realised I was searching in the wrong place for the meaning to life. Save yourself the search. Look no further. Jesus Christ is the answer to your life. He is the answer to all your troubles. He is waiting for you to become His child. Won't you come?

In January 2006, God opened a door on the internet for a ministry to Christian women all over the world. I have over 70 women on my list now and it is growing. It has become a full-time ministry already, in just four months. You are very welcome to write to me using this email address:

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