And yet another Bible confirming archeological find in Jerusalem!

Historic Find: Jerusalem City Wall from 10th Century BC
Februar26, 2010, by ih Redaktion, the German version of Israel Today
Translation Birgit Barandica

Archeologist Eilat Mazar points to the part of the city wall from the 10th century BC that has now been excavated. It was most probably built by King Solomon. (HUJ)
Part of a 10th century BC city wall possibly built by King Solomon has been excavated in Jerusalem by the leading of a Hebrew University archeologist. This wall piece is located in an area known as Ophel between the city of David and the southern limit of the Temple Mount and is 70 meters long and 6 meters high. "The city wall which has been excavated, testifies to a manorial presence. Its strongness and structural shape indicates to a great technical standard," says excavation leader Dr. Eilat Mazar. "A comparison of this latest find with city walls and gates of the era of the first Temple, as well as local potsherds enables us to assume with an utmost probability that this wall is that one which King Solomon
built in the 2nd part of the 10th century in Jerusalem."