Jesus Be My Valentine
Today's message is from Marcos Witt.
Charisma online, Bread of Heaven, February 14, 2008

We know that God wants us to want to be with Him. If it were not this way, He could have programmed us to do certain things at certain times like robots. One robot could be programmed to pray, meditate, praise, go to church (on time), not gossip, not hurt anyone, read the Word, share the gospel, pay the tithes and offerings (without complaining) and thousands of other things every day.

This seems like it could have been a good alternative for the Lord. He could have had perfect Christians by just programming their computers.

But He didn’t want it that way, and He still doesn’t. He desires to have an intimate, direct and voluntary personal relationship with each of us. God does not want robots, but men and women who gladly, desirously, lovingly and committedly choose to have a relationship with Him.

This is not a difficult concept for someone in love to understand. We seek out our beloved. We hope for moments alone together to see each other, talk, hold hands, go for a

walk and all those wonderfully romantic things that people do when they’re in love.

A relationship doesn’t just happen overnight—it takes years to grow. As it is cultivated, it rises to new levels of confidence and commitment, until it reaches the highest level of commitment—marriage.

Our relationship with the Father should be the same. He is not seeking “worship”; He is seeking you—the worshiper.


Lord, I want to bring joy and delight to Your heart. Make me a worshiper who longs for constant communion with You.

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