Starbucks Gold

by Kathie Walters, March 29, 2007

When Margaret and I arrived in Germany in March we found out it had snowed a day or two before. The snow speaks of a "confirmation of the promises." I had a word for Germany last year - a promise that God would release grace and favor and HONEY (revelation) to Germany. He would remove shame and rejection and the harsh spirit that had tried to impose itself on the soul of the German people. (Email me for a copy of that vision)

We spent 3 days ministering at Daniel Glimms "Crazy Christians"-fellowship (click on the English flag for the English version) - we had a blast. Lots of deliverance, gold, honey, perfume and GRACE.

The first night God told me to tell people that it’s time to declare the favor of God and receive from Him. You don’t have to qualify to receive your inheritance -the realm of the Spirit, the supernatural realm, the angels, heavenly visitations etc are meant to be a normal part of our lives.

God uses all kinds of things to bring attention to a nation - when people become aware of a nation they begin to pray for that nation. He showed me that the little polar bear "Cute Knut (pronounced C-n-oo-t) would bring attention to Berlin. Over the next few days I think he was on the news in just about every nation.

To every nation God has deposited a gift - when I was in Greece He told me Greece had a deposit of kindness as a gift. It gets covered up by intrusive spirits, but if you look by the Spirit of God you will find it. I asked Him what gift He had deposited in Germany and He said "Tenderness." The Nazi spirit is very harsh, the opposite of tenderness. We put it to the test - and some of the most outwardly harsh looking people turned out to be very kind and tender underneath the first impression.

I can see God moving in Germany - unsaved young people we spoke to were open as long as you didn’t speak to them in religious terms they didn’t understand.

When we went on Monday to the Brandenburg Gate and the site of the old prison where all the pictures and information is displayed of the top Nazi war criminals, there was redemption in the openness of those displays. We went to Starbucks right there and gold dust fell all over the table, just like it does when I am with Pastor Dean and Pastor Ed in Hawaii. The floor under the table was also covered in gold. Manfred Glimm (Daniel's father) called the girl who was cleaning to show her the gold dust - but she thought we were complaining about it (or she didn't understand the language) and began to wipe it off -

I had a vision of a seed falling into the German ground. It was a seed of revival. It had gotten covered in ice and frozen over before it could sprout. I saw the ice melting and then the seed began to grow. The enemy can hinder revival but he can’t stamp it out. It will grow when the climate is right.

All the time we had been talking about the baby polar bear (in Germany they call it ice bear), my friend Margaret had been thinking that we all meant an ice sculpture of a bear and couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. When they told her it was at the zoo she couldn’t imagine why they would put an ice sculpture at the zoo?? But in Starbucks she actually did see an ice sculpture -melting in the Spirit.

Inside the ice sculpture she saw two figures. An old stern looking man and a young girl. The girl looked pretty and free and the old man looked menacing - trying to control her. As the ice melted it became very apparent that the old spirit did not want to let go entirely yet. But church, ( the girl) its your choice. Your freedom is in your heart and in your mind.

Next we went to the street the Jews walked down to go to the train that would transport them to the death camps. It was so easy to imagine that scene now we were there. People looking out of their windows and watching them being herded to that railway station. I think that at that time the German people thought they were going to be exported, not terminated.

We were suddenly at the station - there were angels there as they were in Starbucks and in the meetings. It was sad but not heavy and dark. It was not dark because the German Christians had prayed and repented there and the German government had let it all be brought into the light. But it had not seemed real to me before, now it was real and the past was very sad - but now God was shedding His light and grace on Germany, so sweet, like honey. And the aroma of honey was everywhere. That’s always manifested when the Angel of revelation is present.

Manfred went to the police office to show some of his fellow police officers the gold all over the his face - speechlessness is what happened then!

There was one thing God told me He still had an issue with. There was an element of the church both in Germany and in other places in the world had not risen up to battle against the evil that overtook Germany. The kind of Ultra-Calvinism that I was taught had prevented God's people from warring. "Whatever will be will be" "The future is not ours to see," is what I call Doris Day theology. The attitude of "Well it must be God because after all He is in control" enables the enemy to move in and take ground.

Christian, the devil is terrified that you might find out WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You are not a sinner saved by grace, you were a sinner saved by grace, but now you are a son and daughter of the most high God. He is terrified that the real church in Germany is going to rise up and display His grace and love, and demonstrate the glory of God. But Church in Germany, you are beautiful.

It's not time to be hidden, Germany is ripe for revival. God speaks through His Word, through His prophets, by His Spirit and He also speaks through signs and wonders. Why does the gold dust fall in Starbucks? It’s because God is saying something, people. Jesus walks in the market place.

In Starbucks regular people stop their business for 10-15 mins. Enough time for someone to talk about Jesus. The angels like Starbucks, they are always there anyway.

Underneath is an English transcript of one of the articles about "Cute Knut" see how it speaks of so much of the things God showed us in the Spirit - from

Cute "King Knut of Berlin", the Polar Bear
(A Summary from a 7-page special report of a Berlin Tabloid Paper from Saturday, 24th March)

(Source: AP)

A small polar bear rules our hearts. He is a star even in the USA, Great Britain and Sweden and journalists from all over the world came to see his first public appearance.

Young and old love him alike. Approximately a thousand people waited impatiently for Knut.

Blue skies and brilliant sunshine presented the perfect setting for his first public appearance, during which he mesmerized everybody.

The night before Knut's big day, his keeper took extra good care of him by staying with him until the morning, when he found that an unknown fan of our polar bear had left fresh bread rolls and honey outside the entrance to the cage.

Environmental Minister Sigmar Gabriel has symbolically been appointed as Knut's Godfather. This means that Knut will be the mascot for the "conference for the protection of endangered species" and will be paid for his services in form of food.

"No other animal symbolizes the results of climate change as drastically as the polar bear - no ice, no polar bear!"

Polar bear Knut is very special: only ten to fifteen polar bear babies are currently kept in Zoos world wide. Berlin Hotels have started an Internet advertising campaign, stating that Berlin is worth a visit because of Cute Knut.

"King Knut" is reaching superstar status in the eyes of the world press. Derek Maidman from the British "Sky News" claims, "Knut is famous in England. We all love him." Xabier Collados from the Basque TV Station ETB reckons that only film stars get such big billing in Spain. They even love him in far away Japan. Matthew Schofield from the "Miami Herald" says, "Knut is so unbelievably cute and has a dramatic life story."

Polar bear Knut seems to love children as much as they love him: he curiously lifts his head toward the sound of the children's voices and tries to pick up their scent. Louise, aged 9, even dreamt of Knut, "In my dream I played with him!"

A family therapist tries to explain people's love for the polar bear:

"Knut stirs up feelings of tenderness, because he looks so cute and cuddly. Even adults transfer their deepest longings and desires upon Knut. We can openly show our needs without being ashamed and which we would normally hide from others and even sometimes - from ourselves."

"We can identify with Knut, because he was rejected by his mother and felt lonely just as we sometimes feel lonely. We all need someone like Knut's keeper, who lovingly names us; someone, who feeds us, when we are hungry and who is always there for us as long as we are small or feel that way.

Our desire for love is huge, it is insatiable.

Little Knut gives us strength. He blew up the thick layer of ice that encased our hearts and dissolved our deep-seated insecurities.•

Translated by Margit Kelly.

Kathie Walters

The Christian Counter