Shiloh, Israel's Capitol for 400 Years, Being Excavated
by Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, August 2, 2010

Shiloh excavation (Photo: Israel National News)
(Israel)—Archaeologists are beginning to excavate Israel's ancient capitol of Shiloh where the Holy Sanctuary stood for about 400 years during the era of the Judges. As reported in Israel National News, Shiloh was also a religious center where Elkana and his family offered up sacrifices to God and where his wife, Hana, asked for a son, later giving birth to Samuel the Prophet.

According to the report, Shiloh is believed by researchers to have fallen into ruin after the Israelites' unsuccessful war with the Philistines, in which the enemy took the Ark of the Covenant captive. Subsequently, the Ark

was returned to Israel, but was never brought back to Shiloh.

The report also notes that according to the Book of Judges and the Mishna, unwed Jewish women traditionally went to the vineyards of Shiloh to dance during Tu B'av, a joyous festival that celebrated the beginning of the grape harvest in Israel. Today, the minor Jewish holiday is a popular time for weddings with Jewish women resurrecting the tradition of dancing in the vineyards.

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