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The Bible is the book of books and so I am convinced that it has to be mentioned first of all! It is the Word of God, the center of EVERYTHING. Without it, we needn't care of anything and this webpage would be useless.

It's no dusty ole' book that's out of date, as we can hear on occasions. Neither is it a docile book of legends, nor a philosophical or ideological work. Instead, it has absolute authority, as it comes from the Most High: Who has created heaven and earth! Before anything else, I recommend the lecture of the Bible!

Nowadays, Bibles are in reach for everybody. There are even occasions where you can get them for free. So nobody can say they can't afford it. And it is by far not only written in old, obsolete languages, difficult to understand. The already before mentioned New International Version (NIV) is a good transcription. The King James Version is quite close to the original text. Yet you have to see which translation you understand best. Because this is the important thing: that you understand God's Word that is written for you - it is sort of a manual for everyday's life!

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