This book is already on the market for a very long time. Yet it has never lost its up-to-the-minute relevance. It's about a young pakistani woman from a wealthy family and who is of a direct descent of Muhammad. After suffering typhoid as a small child she remained crippled. Her loving family did what was in their might trying to help her, several therapies and a special pilgrimage to Mecca. But nothing helped.

As she is very religious, she engrosses reading the Qur'an trying to find an answer there. But instead she finds a lot written about this "prophet" Jesus. She kind of feels urged to deal with Him more,even to pray to Him. And then the incredible happens: Jesus reveals Himself to her and heals her! She recognizes Him as the one true God and her Savior, accepts Him into her life and becomes a fervent follower of Christ.

Yet her family cannot understand what had happened and as to islam tradition, tries to call her back to "the only true religion". Since this doesn't work out, a hard time starts for Gulshan Esther which culminates in her brothers trying to shoot her. Infront of their very eyes, God helps her out, but even this experience does not make them realize Him. Gulshan Esther has to go into hiding.

But God never forsakes her and so she meets loving christian brothers and sisters who she can stay with and learn all about the Christian faith. Later on, God even calls her into the travelling ministry. Many people have already come to faith because of her testimony.

The Christian Counter