Hundreds of Thousands of Christians Attended Unprecedented Easter Rally in Nepal to Proclaim the Resurrection of Christ
Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, April 3, 2008

"Churches described the event as 'historic' and a result of previous mission work."

(Photo: BosNewsLife)
(Kathmandu, Nepal)—250,000 native Christians and onlookers attended an unprecedented Easter Rally in Nepal last week, reports BosNewsLife.

According to the report, people were seen holding banners heralding "the resurrection of Jesus Christ" during the downtown celebration, and two key pastors preached during the gathering.

Notes reporter Dr. John M. Lindner, "Amid the turmoil, churches in Nepal have grown exponentially, with Christians in Nepal swelling to over 700,000, despite a lack of education, scarcity of roads, and limited means of communication. Christians attend relative[ly] young churches, but Christian leaders say they may play a crucial role as Nepal "seeks direction" following a troubled history. "

Read more fascinating details of Nepal's mission history and its fruit being demonstrated today by following the link provided.

Source: Dr. John M. Lindner - BosNewsLife