Peruvian Terrorists Attack Missionaries
And Get Saved after Watching The JESUS Film

Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, November 2, 2007

One of the terrorists is now a
pastor and director of a large Bible school in Argentina.

(Peru)—Bruce and Jan, two missionaries to Peru with the JESUS Film Project (their last name is withheld to protect their identity), have shared an amazing testimony with Mission Network News (MNN).

According to the report, last year on their way back to their base after sharing the JESUS film with villagers high in the Andes Mountains, the couple was accosted by 45 heavily-armed terrorists. Although Bruce and Jan were not harmed, they were led to give the bandits their copy of the JESUS film when they realized they would have all of their projection equipment taken from them anyway. Their hope was that the terrorists would watch the film.

MNN reports that when the couple returned to the same region a year later, one of their attackers, Jose, apologized for the incident and told them that they had actually planned on killing Bruce and Jan that day, but "something" stopped them.

Not only that, but the terrorists had shown the JESUS film in their camp where 700 people watched it. Many were saved and are no longer terrorists. Jose was saved as well and is now a pastor and director of a large Bible school in Argentina.

You can read more about this "wow" testimony by following the link provided.

Source: Staff—Mission Network News

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