Pilot Commands Passenger to Pray During
Imminent Airplane Crash Crisis and
God Lands them Safely in Field
Marked with His Name

Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, May 22, 2008

"…[it was] almost like landing in Heaven."

REPORTER'S NOTE: All I can say is "Wow, God, You are truly awesome!" -Teresa Neumann, BCN.

Owen and Grant safe on the ground
(New Zealand)—As their small plane ran out of fuel and began plunging toward earth this week, Pilot Owen Wilson told his passenger Grant Stubbs to, "Pray— just pray!" According to a report in the Daily Mail, the two desperately turned to God for deliverance, and landed safely beside a huge sign reading: "Jesus is Lord."

"When you're in a microlight, if you crash, you usually die," said Stubbs. "The aircraft was coughing and spluttering as we headed towards a hill and Mr. Wilson

told me that for some inexplicable reason we had run out of fuel. So I said to him: 'What should we do?' And he said: 'You just pray, Grant.'"

"When we saw it [the Jesus is Lord sign], we both burst out laughing," said Stubbs, who admitted that like Wilson, they weren't particularly least not til then.

The report noted that the property the two landed on was owned by a Christian couple.

Said Stubbs: "When Owen told me to pray, I really did pray to God to get us over the ridge and find us somewhere to land," and after touching down Stubbs said it was "almost like landing in Heaven," noting that animals that live on the property came wandering over to greet them...wild horses, donkeys, deer, goats and emus.

"It was a powerful testimony," concluded Stubbs. "We believe God didn't want us to check out yet."

Source: Staff - The Daily Mail