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Crowds Flock to Evangelistic Event in Poland

Wolfgang Polzer of German idea for ASSIST News Service, April 12, 2008

More than 1,000 men and women come forward during opening night.

At the end of this conference,
every 4th visitor had given their
life to Jesus!

(Katowice)—The evangelistic campaign ProChrist is experiencing an extraordinary response in Southern Poland. The meetings in the sports arena Spodek in Katowice are transmitted daily April 6 – 13 to 103 venues in Poland.

ProChristDuring the opening night 3,500 visitors flocked to the sports arena to witness the evangelistic program. When German evangelist Ulrich Parzany gave an altar call, more than 1,000 men and women came to the cross in front of the auditorium.

400 participants asked for spiritual counseling. The total attendance at all

venues added up to 9,000, as ProChrist director Michael Klitzke told the evangelical news agency, Idea.

ProChrist in Poland is a joint venture of Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist churches in cooperation with the regional Ecumenical Council as well as the Catholic Fokolar Movement and the initiative “Light and Life”.

Local churches, the city of Katowice and ProChrist Germany share the financial burden. Polish churches provide the program; only Parzany's sermons are translated.

ProChrist started in 1993, when Billy Graham preached in Essen, Germany. Since then five major international campaigns have been held with Parzany. More than 1,250 venues in Europe were involved in 2006, when ProChrist was transmitted from Munich.

Source: ASSIST News Service#


Every fourth visitor to ProChrist
became a follower of Jesus

German Evangelical News Agency idea, 15.04.2008

K a t t o w i t z (idea) – Response to the evangelization "ProChrist" in Poland has surpassed every expectancy. During eight evenings between April 6 through 13, around 20.000 of about 80.000 visitors took their decision for Christ, as said the organizers of the event. At the main place in south Polish Kattowice alone, around 26.700 people have attended the event.

More than every third person of those attendees (10.600) followed the altar call. For the first time, this event was being broadcast via satellite outside Germany to 103 places. On the last evening, Parazany invited only those to come forward in Kattowice's „Spodek“, the biggest sport arena of the country, who for the very first time in their lives would decide for Jesus – around 1.500 of the 5.000 present followed the invitation. "It was as if the event had come to its end. People flocking - but not towards to exit doors but to the cross," said Raimund Utsch, head of ProChrist in Germany. Parzany added that he had never seen such a strong reaction to the invitation to come to Christ. Around 2.000 visitors have made use of the offer to take counseling. By way of comparison: at the ProChrist meeting in Munich in 2006, 1.500 gave their lives to Christ.