Largest Church in Middle East, Thriving in the United Arab Emirates, with Healings in Almost Every Main Service

Aimee Herd, Breaking Christian News BCN, February 25, 2009

"Never did I ever expect such things, never, never…
I only rejoice for what I am today because of Jesus."

(Dubai, UAE)—One might expect to find such a vital Christian congregation as the King's Revival flourishing in the US or Australia, however, this 7,000-member church, which has 24 pastors is situated in the Middle East.

Dr. V. Dilkumar

King's Revival Church International began as a small house church of just 7 people, led by Dr. V. Dilkumar, who moved from his native Sri Lanka in 1991 to Dubai, one of 7 states in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). From its humble start, the church grew to become the largest Evangelical church in the Middle East. (Photo: CBN News)

"Never did I ever expect such things, never, never," Dr. Dilkumar told CBN News, "I only rejoice for what I am today because of Jesus."

The founding pastor went on to explain that there are 14 services weekly at King's Revival, 4 in English, the rest in other languages.

Aside from some strong restrictions (no proselytizing among them), non-Muslim religions have been allowed by the government to thrive for the most part.

In fact, 31 churches, according to the article, are operating in the area, located on land that was given by the government itself.

Despite the aforementioned restrictions, Pastor Dilkumar cites some amazing miracles and demonstrations of God's power which could never be restricted by man.

"That's one of the main reasons the church has grown very much," says Dilkumar, "in fact, practically in every main service of ours we get people healed instantly."

Mission work in Asia, Africa and throughout the Middle East is another vital part of what God is doing at King's Revival.

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Source: George Thomas - CBN