Pastor Paul Ciniraj is founder and leader of the interdenominational evangelistic ministry "Salem Voice Ministries" (according to the "King of Salem" in Hebrews 7:2) in Kottayam/Kerala/Indien, known also beyond India's borders. This ministry lobbies for people in India and other countries, especially for Muslims. Born a Muslim himself, Paul Ciniraj gave his life to Jesus Christ some 30 years ago and was called into this growing ministry by the Lord Himself, which he accomplishes ever since with much love and endeavor. He and his wife Mercy have 3 children.

It is Pastor Paul's concern to spread the Word of God, the Bible, more and more, for more and more people to know of God's love. So after a joint meeting with several ministries, he now ventures the big step to call out an international day of the Bible. Read the official publication of this project below:

The WORLD DAY of the BIBLE on 1st of JULY

Kottayam (India) - Feb 17: There was a joint meeting of the "Salem Voice Ministries", "At Anycost Jesus Mission" and the "Baseelia Foundation" under the presidentship of Pastor Paul Ciniraj and decided to celebrate "THE WORLD DAY OF THE BIBLE" on 1st of July, 2006. It was also decided to celebrate every 1st of July as the World Day of the Bible.

Since the Bible is the book of the Salvation, it is an important one in the center of the human life. More or less July 1st is the middle of an year, that day has been selected as the World Day of the Bible.

The following programmes will be arranging for the World Day of the Bible on 1st of July:

1) Conduct Bible Prayer Fellowships at the congregations and greet each others with the holy kiss.
2) Conduct Bible Seminars, Bible Quiz Competitions, Biblical Cultural Programmes etc. among children, students and the youth.
3) Conduct Bible Rallies in each town by the participation of all the churches and congregations with a Public Meeting.
4) Encourage Christians to donate at least one Bible on that day as a token of love to a dear one, especially to a Non-Christian friend.
5) Encourage all staff and students of Christian institutions to wear a badge mentioning "July 1, the World Bible Day" with a verse of the Bible.
6) Encourage all Christian families to have a lunch together followed by a family prayer and reading of a portion from the Bible. (It is good to invite Non-Christian friends for the lunch and honour them with gifts, that is the Bible).
7) Encourage Christians to wish others by distributing Bible tracts.
8) Encourage to send greeting cards for the Bible Day.

We request churches, missionary organisations, prayer fellowships and all Christians to celebrate July 1st as the World Day of the Bible and follow these programmes that the world may know we are Christians and we have only one Jesus as our Lord and only one Bible as the Word of God.

Please pass this information on and give it a wide publicity as much as you can (you may post it in your groups and websites, ask your friends to give it a wider publicity, send it to the news papers, TV, Radio and other medias) for the glorification of our Lord.

Yours in the love of Messiah Yeshua

Pastor Paul Ciniraj,
Salem Voice Ministries,
Devalokam (P.O), Kottayam,
Kerala-686038, INDIA.

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