Some ten years ago, I have met Juán Zuccharelli, the pastor, whom God used to make this fabulous testimony come alive! He visited my former church talking and brought his team along that consisted among others of several ex-inmates who gave testimony. It was such an annointed time with all of them! Pastor Juán wrote a book called "When Murderers Pray".

Success of a Prison for
Christians Only in Argentina
Attracting Worldwide Attention

Teresa Neumann, Breaking Christian News BCN, (July 21, 2008)

Most prisoners were saved while in other prisons and
then transferred to "Christ the Only Hope."

(Photo: BBC News)
La Planta, Argentina - A special prison for evangelical inmates only, called "Christ the Only Hope," has been set up in Argentina. Most inmates were saved in other prisons and transferred to "Christ the Only Hope." The institution is an experiment, the only one of its kind in the world, and according to a BBC report, it is working with a high rate of success and is attracting attention around the world.

Ernesto Irusta, the prison governor, said the prison has specific activities which has created a completely different type of setting. With ten to twelve prisoners to a cell, the inmates move about the prison "fairly freely" and are expected to solve their own problems. They "live and breathe their religion." Rates of reoffending by prisoners who have served their terms are reportedly much lower than other prisons.

The report also noted that the prison guards are also Believers.

Watch a video of "Christ the Only Hope" by clicking on the link provided.

Source: Staff - BBC

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