Breaking News, July 21, 2008
Special Announcement
from Todd Bentley & Fresh Fire Ministries

Dear Friends:

Last Spring, God birthed a revival of His Son in Lakeland, Florida. For 111 days now—He has cradled the revival here in this southeast pocket of America. Since then, the Spirit of the Lord has led tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands via the internet and television, to this stable of miracles, signs, and wonders to celebrate and worship, to be healed and saved, to prepare and to equip. The speed at which the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ has traveled has been unprecedented in the history of revival. We’re living in new and exciting times of acceleration on all counts.

Since the beginning—we’ve sensed that there’s nothing ordinary about this outpouring—it’s something new and fresh—with much movement to it. Just as the Lord didn’t remain in the stable but grew up strong in the Spirit, and walked the land — we’re sensing that this revival is meant to move—it’s our time now to walk it throughout the land—to move the Ark from the cradle and into the harvest fields.

This hasn’t come about without much prayer and intercession. Many prophets have strongly felt that this revival is to be a “moving ark of God’s glory.” This is in alignment as well with what our Board of Directors, our ministry leadership, and key spiritual advisors are discerning.

Where once the revival hubs seemed to stay put, sometimes for years,—the Lord is telling us, “Move, walk the land, move the Ark of My Glory.”

This in no way means the end of revival—it’s just the beginning! Already we’ve had successful excursions to “test” the waters in places like Dallas, Concord, and Louisville. The Lord has shown me many more potential wells to uncap in the days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years to come—38 in all right now, including places like Knoxville, Atlanta, Spokane, and into Birmingham, England, and other key areas.

The remaining weeks of this historic Lakeland Healing Outpouring promise to be amazing, spectacular days. Our final day will be August 23rd, in Lakeland out at our airport location. If you haven’t yet attended, now is the time to come and get some! But if you can’t make it to Florida, be in prayer for your area or region—it may well be one of the wells the Lord has shown us, and may even show us in the future. Pray for us as we walk the land, carrying the precious Ark of His Healing presence for His glory into those fields white and ripe for harvest.

More details will be forthcoming!


Todd Bentley

The Christian Counter