The Canaan Hymns

This is the fantastic story that God is writing these past years with the simple peasant girl Xiao Min in China. Xiao Min dropped out of Junior High and couldn't read music. Nevertheless, driven by the Holy Spirit, she wrote nearly 1000 songs which in the meantime, like in a twinkling of the eye, spread in all the country (imagine, she had no such media and technologies at her disposal like we are taking advantage of here without even thinking about) and are being sung by all Christians in China. Even in the Chinese Three-Self-Church her songs are sung, which is truly a big miracle for me as Xiao Min's songs all contain the pure gospel and express faith, testimony and experiences of the faithful. This is really amazing for a country like China. Even outside the country, the Canaan Hymns are being sung in many Chinese churches.

They are having an impact that you can hardly get away from. In remote villages and prosperous cities, wherever there are Christians you will hear joyful voices of the faithful expressing their devotion through their hymns. Without instruments or the ability to read words or musical scores, these
people are able to sing dozens of hymns without ever taking a rest. Like this, they feel One as Chinese Christians and are rejoicing in the Great Love that unites all the peoples of the world.

These songs have been assembled in what is called The Canaan Hymns. There are almost 1000 songs. It's hard to believe that all the melodies and lyrics were written by a peasant girl named Xiao Min, a girl who can't even read music.

Xiao Min grew up in a little village in Henan. She says: "I was born into a family of farmers; my parents are simple farming folks. My mother never went to school and my Dad studied for only a year or two. He barely reads. They were very poor.While I was in Junior High, I suffered sinus infection. Every day, about noon, I felt dizzy and nauseous. I couldn't finish the day. Soon, I just quit school all

together. So often, during prayer time, quiet time or time of meditating on God's Word, the Holy Spirit would come and bring me a verse or two. Usually within five or ten minutes, I'll be singing the hymn with melody and lyrics."
Later, Xiao Min was given a little recorder. She records what comes into her mind, whether it's day or night. Later, she writes down the words, and someone else writes down the scores.

During walks in the field or during prayer meetings, Xiao Min finds inspiration from the world around her. Her heart is always open to be touched by the Lord. The

Canaan Hymns came down to this golden land from the deep blue sky.
They are an eternal gift from the timeless beauty of the heavens, a gift of love to those who inhabit our precious earth. These hymns have spread over the immense land of China in the blink of an eye.

A missionary said: "We once were on a mission to the tribal villages in the province of Yunnan. There we needed inspiration from the hymns more than ever.

When we were feeling hopeless and weak, it was Xiao Min's hymns that gave us strength."

People who are deeply moved by the songs in the Canaan Hymns may be curious about the peasant songwriter. There is a deep spiritual connection between her and God. Since she became a Christian, Xiao Min's life was no longer hers alone. She is the messenger that God chose for China.

Jesus is walking on the land of China. He walks with grace and supreme power but in simple clothes. He walks into poor and desolate villages, through main streets and narrow lanes. He is followed by groups of Chinese people. Among them is the singer Xiao Min.

Many years ago, Xiao Min became a mother, but her life still belongs to God and His Church. She is a beloved daughter of China. Her songs continue to flow from her heart.

Canaan Hymns are becoming the holy songs of the Chinese nation. They are the pulse of seventy million Chinese Christians. They reflect the path where so many missionaries walked in the past century. They prophesy the inescapable destiny of the Chinese nation.

Of course, Chinese authorities are not just standing by. So, also Xiao Min is on their black list. She was already imprisoned for quite some time, where other inmates came to Christ while listening to Xiao Min singing in complete devotion. Up to now, God did not allow the authorities to take her to prison again.

The China Soul for Christ Foundation has produced a beautiful documentation on the history of The Canaan Hymnes that you can watch and download here for free. I am so moved by this film that I already watched it several times! In the meantime, more movies were added that you can watch here also. For example a documentary on the Christian History of China ("China's Confession"). Now I understand the reason for the persecution there better... So let's keep praying for this great nation to find its roots again and come to Christ.

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