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Our American visitors to this website will most probably have access to a range of good Christian TV Channels themselves and this link won't make much sense to them. But as we are also having visitors from other countries, I don't know as to what extent they are having access to Christian TV at all. Even here in Germany, Christian TV was very scarce up to shortly ago. This is why I am linking to some channels here that I know are good. Any suggestion for more channels, please don't hesitate to tell me so and I will link to them, too!

In the meantime, I have found several streams that I find very interesting myself, also in other languages, which you can mention to interested people from those countries! Apart from Spanish programming, I have found streams in Portuguese, Farsi (Iran & Afghanistan), Dari (Afghanistan), Arabic, Turkish, Tamil, Japanese and others. Just imagine you know someone of one of those countries and can recommend them a Christian TV stream in their own language - it is a fantastic evangelistic tool!

Just shortly ago, the German Christian TV garden has become a little more colorful - ERF and Hope Channel can now be received in German by satellite. All of the German broadcasts can also be seen online in the internet. I linked to them here for all Germans abroad - so please pass the info on to all my fellow countrymen you know, wherever they might be!

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ERF eins - Germany's first Christian online TV - now with a 24/7 live stream!
Because of the Europe wide live broadcast of the evangelistic event ProChrist, the link might not work as of 7:30pm until April 5. Try http://erf.de/
German church services live from TOS-church in Tuebingen/Germany. Every Saturday at 8pm and every Sunday at 4pm from the tent hall in Tübingen!
TOS-church is convinced that the knowledge of our Jewish faith roots is a key to the end time's revival.

Hope Channel, a worldwide broadcasting family. Several languages available.
Germany's first regular Christian TV station, now also online streaming. Click on Live-Stream.
Vision Heaven is the English speaking section of Norway's Christian TV station Vision Norge.
edges.tv is a very interesting online stream by Australischen Pastor Mal Fletcher, founder and leader of Next Wave International, a ministry with a special focus on Europe. Together with his family, Mal is living in London, from where he operates both ministries.
Opens in a popup.
TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) is one of America's oldest and best viewed Christian TV Channels. The TBN Player can now be downloaded! 24-hour live stream!
This is a TBN subsection for Kids!!
This is the British Channel GOD TV, broadcasting 24/7 worldwide. Watch for US-Feed, UK-Feed, WORLD-Feed

CHRISTIAN TV is a portal for Christian broadcasts of different churches and ministries, like Kim Clement, Grant Jeffrey among many others.
Gospel Channel is broadcasting international
programs from Iceland.
Revelation TV and Genesis TV, from London, England UK. You can click on both streams inside their website (scroll down a bit).

Prophetic TV - presented by Elijah List Ministries.
Streams Ministires online, equipping the saints!
LightSource, one of the leading providers of Christian audio content on the Internet. Watch your favorite Christian broadcasters any time, at your convenience!
InTouch Ministries with sermons by Dr. Charles F. Stanley, pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta.

24-hour livestream. Click on "Multimedia", then on
"life stream" or "v.o.d." and enjoy!

Total Christian Television -
broadcasting for 30 years already, 24/7!
Video on Demand of the 5 CBN programmes: 700-Club, Live the Life, World Watch, CWN (Christian World News), One Cubed

Own TBN-Link for Spanish. Click "en vivo"
"Renuevo de plenitud" from Panamá by Pastor Serafín Contreras Galeano, leader of the Foursquare Church, Central America
"TV Betel" of Centro Cristão Betel, the first Portugese evangelical online stream (broadcasts from Belgium).
TVMISSÃO - a Brazilian Stream, completely new! Portuguese for interested people from Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde!
Alpha & Omega TV - Streams from Rumänien.
Top Chrétien TV - French video streams
IsraelVision.TV ist a multi channel website broadcasting daily news and events from Israel. By the ministry of Dr. Jay Rawlings
IFBN TV - Broadcasting from Israel. Messianic Television, Praise and Worship Radio 24/7. Still in test mode, but already now super interesting!
Jewish Jewels - ministering the love of God in a Jewish way. Messianic Neil & Jamie Lash teach each of these "jewels" on the basis of hebrew alphabet, words, their roots and even dances!

Israelnet - Messianic video archives

Sid Roth - It's supernatural! Eevangelism among Jews is weighing on his heart for several years already. In his program, it is about big miracles in the lives of several people!

SAT7 Pars, the Iranian program of SAT7 in Farsi. Shows in a popup window. im Popup.
MASIH TV - Voice of Christ -
Christian Afghan online TV
VOP TV-Voice of People - completely new designed! A Pakistani Stream that had to stop streaming some years ago for obvious reasons, but has now restarted from England/UK! Broadcasts in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English.
ISAAC TV - a completely new Christian stream from Pakistan in Urdu, that is still in its construction phase. I think we all know about the difficulties in this beautiful country, so I ask for your special prayers for this project!
Alkarma TV - "Vineyard TV" in Arab language was born out of the 9/11 violence, spreading our hope in Jesus our Savior to the world.
Arab-Christian program for North Africa and the Middle East - now in 24/7-online Stream. Click on "Watch SAT7-Broadcast".
The 24/7-stream by SAT7 for kids! Scroll down a bit and click on "Watch a live stream". Stream comes in a popup window.
Turk7, the Turkish program of SAT7. Please take schedule from the respective timetable.
CGNTV (Christian Global Networks, US life, here in several languages) - a Korean Christian online stream in several languages! The characters are not all to be seen well, so you will have to downsload so-called "fonts".

Christian TV from Chennai, India broadcasting programmes for a multi-cultural audience in English, Tamil and other languages.
Several Streams in Tamil (South India, Sri Lanka).

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