Todd Bentley's meetings are now called "Healing Outpouring on Tour". Look for this programm
on the schedule pages and/or "Video on Demand" at GodTV by clicking on the banner.

The following is a summarized report on what God did in Lakeland, Florida in the past 4 months as of April 2nd, 2008
and what is spreading in the whole world ever since!

Florida Healing Outpouring
3rd wave of revival
after Toronto and Pensacola

How It All Began

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[Meetings at Ignited Church are being streamed on (download their player, it only takes a small capacity) at 10am EST and 7:00pm EST each day. Check out for your local time here in this time converter. ]

For more than three months, GodTV transmitted the evening meetings live, thus bringing the revival to the uttermost ends of the world! The re-runs can still be seen in their site under "Video on Demand" - just click on "Florida Healing Outpouring". They are the same as powerful - people getting healed and touched just by watching those re-runs!

Since GodTV is partnering with Todd Bentley's Fresh Fire Ministries, and Todd turned the official leadership of the Florida Outpouring over to hosting Ignited Church and Pastor Stephen Strader on August 5, because God now led him to take the Outpouring to cities, countries and continents, their broadcasts are being transmitted now from wherever Todd is having meetings. And Ignited Church continues broadcasting live here, twice a day.

Folks, it is incredible what God started in Lakeland - and what is now spreading in an increasing number in other places worldwide each day! God is giving His presence in such an awesome way that people are worshipping Him overwhelmingly in a way I have never experienced before, releasing such an anointing that the greatest healing miracles are taking place! This atmosphere is even filling my living room! It is growing and spreading and literally thousands come to give their lives to Christ, thus getting saved - the greatest miracle of all!

On April 2nd 2008, Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley and his team from Fresh Fire Ministries were invited to a "normal" 5-day conference at Ignited Church in 

Lakeland. Each evening they had full house with 700 seating capacity! God gave such an enormous outpouring that did not stop and attracted more and more people.

So Todd and leading pastor Stephen Strader decided to go on for another week. When the week came to its end, several thousands of people were attending each meeting. So they decided for yet another prolongation, this time for 2 weeks. They were given the possibility to move into the rooms of a church in neighboring Auburndale with a capacity of 3.000 seats. Yet the very first night, they were filled again to capacity and several hundreds had to watch the meetings outside on a big screen in the parking lot! A week later, they were given the Lakeland Convention Center with about 9.000 seats. One weekend, they were at the Tiger Baseball Stadium and almost 12.000 people flocked the place! Then they switched between Convention Center and the openair facility at Lakeland regional Airport. And then they were having a clear span, air-conditioned tent structure with a seating capacity of around 10.000 on the Sun-N-Fun Campground at the Lakeland Airport until August 2nd.

Like back then in Toronto and Brownsville, people are coming in from all over the world to experience God's working personally and take His fire back to their own churches, where very often a similar outpouring begins.

Bob Jones called this outpouring an endtime revival that is going to the ends of the world, which is confirmed by several other prophets! In Australia, where Todd held a conference last February, New Zealand pastor Rob DeLuca received a word from God telling him of what will be happening and is now going on in Lakeland! And indeed there are outpourings in several American cities, like in Charlotte at Rick Joyner's MorningStarMinistries for example, in Dudley/England, in Ireland, in several Australian and New Zealand churches and other places all around the world. There are several words for Germany and other European countries.

For the first time ever in history, God's move at one particular place can be witnessed now in all around the world - enabled by the internet and GodTV!

I am amazed, simply in awe and so very thankful to God for what I see happening and for His glory that He allows me to experience... !!!

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