Lakeland Outpouring

Stephen Strader, October 2, 2008

Dear Friends and Family of Ignited Church and the Lakeland Outpouring,

On April 2, 2008, the Holy Spirit began demonstrating His power and glory in an unprecedented way. It has become known as the Lakeland Outpouring. None of us knew how long this would last, nor what it would all look like. However, Ignited Church has had a vision since the turn of this century to become an International Apostolic Center. We didn't know how this would happen. Now we know! The Lakeland Outpouring has catapulted our vision forward.

October 12, 2008, will be the concluding service of this series of outpouring meetings. Ignited Church will then begin the full transformation into the International Apostolic Center. There will be many training workshops, conferences, and special events. We will begin posting these events immediately on our website.

We have counseled with dozens of major leaders in the Body of Christ. They are all fully supportive and encouraging. The praise reports continue to come in from all over the world as national & international outpourings continue and or begin. Please tell of us anything happening that you know about. We want to stay connected with everyone.

We also feel it is time to begin the Ignited Network of Ministries -- I.N.M. This would enable everyone who has a ministry or church to stay in connection with Ignited Church, beginning as an informal relationship and then to evolve as the Holy Spirit leads.

We will continue our current schedule of services through October 12. We have many dynamic speakers and worship teams committed to these final weeks. Please refer to our calendar for details.

Let me know how we can better serve you as your friend and brother in Christ.

Pastor Stephen Strader

P.S. For those of you who have already made travel plans to come to Florida after October 12, please let us know. We have some special information for you.

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