FreshFire, June 11, 2008

Greetings Partners and Friends!

His love is like the ocean…we’re drowning in His presence! The liquid honey glory cloud of His wonderful presence is in this place!

We’ve settled well into our new location in Lakeland, Florida—a clear span, air-conditioned structure that seats up to 10,000 people, located on the Sun-N-Fun Campground at the Lakeland airport. Many visitors to the outpouring are using the grounds: setting up tents, trailers, and RV’s. There’s plenty of room for you! I’d like to thank the countless volunteers who assisted us to make this move swift and effortless!

People continue to arrive hungry for the touch of God in their lives, to know Jesus better. Many are experiencing heart-transformations as they come to know the Miracle Maker and His ways! It’s incredible to see God revive, restore, renew, and radically transform hearts for Jesus! Bam! The Gospel power of God is at work here! God is making disciples! The magnitude of the blessings of God pouring into the hearts of people is off the Richter scale—over the top! I invite you to come and discover what it’s like to be in His presence, what it’s like to build a personal relationship with God, what it’s like to hear God, to experience God, to move in His power, and to see His purpose wrought in your own life.

This past week, I’ve written a letter ( Click Here ) that I hope will encourage and enlighten those who may have questions about what’s happening here in Lakeland because it’s my heart that none would miss the purpose of this great outpouring of God. As well, a free 55-page booklet, Biblical Reasons to Receive God’s Glory and Give it Away in Power Evangelism, by Dr. Gary Greig, a theologian and scholar, commenting on and addressing some of the objections and questions raised as a result of this outpouring, is available in PDF format for immediate download. I pray that these insights will encourage you that what is happening is biblical, and definitely God!

I invite you to check out our new “Lifting Jesus High” section on our website as we endeavor as often as possible, to address some of your questions.

In Revival,

Todd Bentley

The Christian Counter