Chinese School girls get slammed
by the Holy Spirit


by Kathie Walters of Good News Ministries, May 28, 2008

During the moves of the Spirit I think that the most persecution and misunderstanding comes from the laughter. Healing, deliverance, even falling out in the Spirit does not cause the problems some people have about "laughing in the Spirit." I believe Rodney Howard Browne Received more flack about the laughter than any other demonstration during the move of the Spirit several years ago in Lakeland.

So I want to explain about what happens when the Holy Ghost laughter comes. The laughter that comes when the Spirit it moving is actually a laugh of VICTORY.

The Bibles says "He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision." (Ps 2:4)

When that laughter comes in you and on you, it’s because your spirit is picking up on a victory that is happening in the Spirit realm. You may not know exactly what - but your spirit knows.

Have you ever been ministering to someone and they are telling you so much bad stuff ? It’s awful ! But then you start laughing. The person is looking at you like you are a nut case, you say " Don’t worry about it, something good is happening for you in the spirit realm." And it IS.

Sometimes in intercession or prayer the anointing comes on you and you may do some warfare, you might speak in tongues, you might do some declaring, you may weep, you may fall on the floor, you might dance, you may sing- and you might LAUGH. Holy Ghost laughter is one of the biggest warfare weapons there is. It is powerful, it gets hold of the spirit of victory and pulls it down into the meeting and then you see the demonstrations of those victories. Don’t ever quench it out! You can block off victories that way.

One time when I was in New Zealand, I was speaking at a meeting, a seminar. To my left the pastor ( Ian Johnson) suddenly fell on the floor. He just lay there, so I figured he had gone somewhere in the spirit. Then another lady (Sheryl Morgan) fell on the floor the other side of the meeting. She was nowhere near the pastor and did not know anything about what was happening to him. Neither did he know that Sheryl was on the floor the other side of the room. Sheryl started laughing loudly.

I carried on ministering as everyone else was just listening to me. After about 20 minutes Pastor Ian got up and sat back on the chair. Then Sheryl got up and also sat back on the chair.

At the end if the meeting I asked Pastor Ian "What happened?" "Oh I saw a chariot and I got in it and suddenly I was inside my friend’s church in Fiji. He was preaching and I suddenly saw this huge black thing ( spirit) come at my friend. Then I heard this laughter and the black thing backed off. Three times that happened and then the black spirit left."

I went over to the other side of the room and asked Sheryl "What happened to you?"

" Oh I just fell on the floor and I kept seeing this huge black thing and laughing at it," she said.

The following day the pastor from Fiji called Pastor Ian - " Ian," he said, "I saw you yesterday, you were in my church. I was under attack from a huge island spirit, but I kept hearing this laughter and it finally left."

You see, no one had any way of knowing what was happening in the spirit realm. All you could see in the natural was one man laying on the floor in the middle of my preaching, and another lady laughing hysterically at nothing.

In these days when God is moving we must learn to listen to the witness in the Spirit and not judge by what we see or hear in the natural.

I’m sure many of you could tell stories of strange happenings, and puzzling demonstrations. But if you have ever read about revival, you will find that God is not seeking your approval.

It is so awesome, so just hold off on the judgments.

Really, would you rather have some life and some messes than deadness? In Proverbs 14:4 it says, "Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox."

If you want everything to be in order according to the religious way of things, then next Sunday take a little seat and grab your Bible and go and sit in a graveyard. Nothing and no one gets out of order there and no one will interrupt your "service." But if you want God to move you will need to lay that aside and let Him do what He wants to do.

One time I was confronted by a man who had a very strong religious spirit. He hated the move of God, he hated the joy and laughter, he hated women (especially me!). He hated prophetic things.

As he was yelling and getting mad at me, I was trying to be quiet and not respond to the berating words. Suddenly it felt like feathers around my ribs tickling me. It was an angel and I was silently telling him to stop. "This is not the time to be doing this," I was trying to say to him. But , he took no notice and the tickling continued. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I burst out laughing. Well I thought this man was going to hit me. I think if there hadn’t been a desk between us he might have.

I believe he scared himself as this religious spirit rose up. His face was red and his voice quivered with anger. He stormed out of the room and slammed the door so hard the building shook.

When I looked back, I realized that I had taken all this religious spirit so seriously, but God just laughed. Don’t get me wrong, God was not laughing at the man, but he had plenty of opportunities to get set free from the Nazi type spirit.

After this we had a revival and God moved powerfully on many young people.

If you think you have seen some strange things- get ready you haven’t seen anything yet.

God is about to descend on cities. There are going to be tremendous signs and wonders. How awesome is He, the God of wonders and of grace.

Kathie Walters

Chinese School girls get slammed
by the Holy Spirit
Forward by Geoff Sadler to Kathie Walters, May 31, 2008

People are often critical about manifestations that happen in revival meetings in the American and Western church. Rationalism is almost a God in itself to many of those who tend to criticize people and churches that allow these things to happen. While I would concede that there is often a mixture of flesh and Spirit in these meetings, my experience, is that there's a lot more Spirit than their is flesh.

In my opinion, the real issues are in the people who come against these things, such as, a fear of looking foolish, intellectual and religious pride, or sometimes a misconception of who God is and what He likes to do.

In this video, we see people who just don't know any better than to let God be God and who are untainted by some of the religious teaching and unbelief that we are in the West.

It's also refreshing, to see gatherings that are reliant on the Holy Spirit and led through ordinary people, rather than professionals. (can't see anyone praying for anyone in this meeting.)

I've been in a couple of meetings in my life when it almost doesn't matter what songs you sing, as long as it's about God. The Holy Spirit's presence is there so strongly and there's a unity in the spirit, that makes it almost impossible to do the wrong thing or sing the wrong song. Worship just happened spontaneously. It's kind of like being at a football match in Liverpool.

How much have we become addicted to perfectionism and expensive equipment to usher in the presence of God? I know that anointed worship leaders and expensive equipment can work as well and that it really is a matter of the heart, but personally, I prefer the raw stuff. I think God does too. Often times after an awesome time of worship, the focus can go too much on the person who led it, even though the Lord had anointed them to do it. Didn't satan have a problem with this?

Our Western model of doing church isn't necessarily God's way of doing it.

Anyway, all that to say, here's an amazing video of the underground church in China. Their hunger and passion should stir you into not taking for granted, what we are able to do freely and without much persecution here. It may help prove to you, that Holy Spirit fervor isn't just a thing conjured up by emotionalism. Where there is a hunger and passion for God, He is able to move powerfully through everyone. Uninhibited by religious control and rationalism.

Here's the video.

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