"By His Stripes We Are Healed!"
Isaia 53:5
by Birgit B. Eichberger, October 2005

More than 25 years ago, I got this horrific pain in my back for the first time. I was just bending over my washing machine to get my laundry out when this pain attacked and I couldn't straighten up anymore. No idea, how long I was standing there bent over this washing machine until I was finally able to drag myself to the couch in my living room. I called my doctor who had his practice in the first floor of the house I was living in. He came upstairs and gave my an anticonvulsant injection. After some exams some time later, he diagnosed the sciatic pain syndrome.

Every now and then, these pain fits came back. But I did not return to my doc for it... I must admit I've had enough: this anticonvulsant injection was worse than the pain itself (as it is being injected into the completely cramped and therefore hardened muscle, which is ever so painful) and so since then, I tried to sit it out... It became particularly bad when I was pregnant - my son turned his position inside and laid on this nerve...

In the 90s, the fits returend so regularly I could have set a clock. Once a year, around February, they would come and were so bad indeed that with the worst fit I could only sustain in a "granny" chair for almost 3 weeks, day and night. This chair was built in such a way that the pain was bearable at least to such an extent that I didn't have to cry continuously.

After the first one of these fits, I went to see my doctor (a different one, as I was living in a different part of town then). Immediately, he ordered a CT (computed tomography) to check whether I was suffering a herniated disk. It wasn't, instead it turned out to be osteochondrosis (don't confuse it with osteoporosis). It means that a disk, my tailbone, was damaged, scarred, which was to be seen on this CT as dark shadows. Those scars can get inflamed and the symtoms are just like those of the sciatic pain syndrome. I was actually much too young to have this, said my doc... Had I gone to my former doctor again and not withdrawn because of fear of the injection, this osteochondrosis would have been diagnosed much earlier, I guess...

After the 3rd or 4th of those fits in a row, I got so afraid that when the next year was coming to its end, I cramped by the mere thought of it, and this produced pain of course (though not as bad as in those regular attacks).

Exactly at that time, in November or December of the year 1996, there was a special healing service at my former church. I decided to go and get prayed for my back. After a touching prayer nothing particular happend. Well, "nothing" as to what I thought...

The next February came and passed and then came March... and there I realized it: I did not have a fit! Hallelujah!!! I was ever so happy! In the next year, I was aware of this point in time and I was waiting for this pain to return... But it did not! Til today (2005) it did not return anymore! And I know it won't come back at all anymore, because Jesus has healed me!

This healing cannot be confirmed medically, as this is only possible with a CT. But CTs are so expensive that you only get them done in emergencies, of course. And, to be honest, I really don't care as to whether you see or don't see those scars - I know the Lord has healed me, because no matter with or without scars, but I don't suffer those fits anylonger!

"By His stripes we are healed!" Isaia 53:5
Thank you, Lord!

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