Jesus Working In Different
Situations Of My Life
by Christabel Pharao, Mumbai, India, August 2007

For the past five months (since March 2006) I had a problem (abcess in my gum) with my tooth, even after a root canal treatment was done. It got worse after a crown was fixed. I could not eat properly as the pain, in my gum and jaw, was unbearable. I was constantly visiting my dentist, had x-rays and scans done, took a lot of medication, yet the pain did not go away. One evening I was watching GodTV, when "The 700 Club" programme was on. Mr. Pat Robertson began reading a testimony of a lady who had the same problem as I, and God had healed her completely. I began claiming the same miracle for myself as well. Then... to my surprise, Mr. Robertson mentioned the name of the lady, and it happened to be my name, Chris! I promptly claimed this miracle with deeper faith this time. At that very moment, the pain in my gum and jaw left me completely and never returned. I know and believe that I am totally healed of this problem, in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I give God all the glory due to Him. Amen!

In October 2006 I had a pulled muscle/ligament on the inner side of my right knee. The pain was very severe, to the extent that I was barely able to walk even a few steps. I was on medication (pain killers). During the three weeks that I was in pain I was crying out aloud to our Lord and asking for a physical healing, believing that He, in His infinite mercy would cure me.

We all know that God has innumerable ways of working, but here now, He chose to use the same method as in my first testimony mentioned above. On the night of 24th October, 2006, just before midnight, I turned on the TV as I desired to watch Benny Hinn’s THIS IS YOUR DAY programme. The half-hour programme was awesome and I watched with amazement the miracles that God was blessing people with. As I watched a middle-aged lady who had polio from the time she was sixteen months old, and had a miraculous healing at that particular crusade at London (ExCel Auditorium), I confessed, in faith, to our Lord: “Jesus, if You can cure that lady from polio, You can also cure me of my problem, and You can do it now”. At that moment, I received my physical healing. Praise Jesus!!! The severe pain left me completely. I could stand, I could walk, I could bend my right leg at the knee, I could kneel down... without even a hint of pain whatsoever. I do not have to wear on my knee cap or take medication for the pain any more. I thank and praise the Lord for this miraculous healing. We have an awesome God! Alleluia! Amen!

In mid-March 2007 I had gotten my carpenter to make a new safety door for the main entrance of my home. I had paid quite a big amount for it as I desired to have a strong wooden (teak) door. A few days after it was finally fixed and ready for use, I noticed a powdery substance coming out from the bottom portion of the door. For the next whole week, every morning I would find more than a teaspoonful of this powdery substance lying on the floor beneath the door. Apparently, I concluded that the carpenter had cheated me by not supplying me with pure (termite-free) teak for which I had already paid him.

Initially, I felt terribly upset, let down and annoyed. Then, I began praying. I took a cup of water and prayed in tongues over it. I confessed Hebrews 12:24* over this cup of water, and believed in my heart and confessed with my lips that this cup of water had converted into the precious blood of Jesus. I then sprinkled this cup of blood, with faith, on the door and also blessed it. I also sprinkled and blessed my entire home with this cup of blood. Further, just as Jesus cursed the fig tree from its roots and it withered away, I too, in the name of Jesus, cursed the root cause of this powdery substance and commanded the termites to die in the name of Jesus.

The next morning when I opened the door, I was amazed to find that there was no powder at all, and nothing ever since then. Praise the Lord! Faith in Jesus and in the power that He has given us, is our victory!

* ... but ye are come ..., 24 and to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

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