Learning To Be Precise In Prayer
And To Listen To
God's Voice In Daily Life
by Christabel Pharao, September 2007

A couple of days ago, as I was watching a Christian TV programme, the preacher was speaking on how we ought to be very specific in our prayer requests to our Father in Heaven. He narrated a story of a young boy who prayed very specifically for a red bicycle, and within that very week somebody from his church desired to give away a red bicycle that belonged to his son who had used it when young. To make this story short, eventually, this little boy was gifted with the very kind of bicycle he had prayed for.

Soon thereafter when I was pondering over this story, I sensed that somebody was in need of an electric oven. By a strange "co-incidence", I have been wanting to give away my spare electric oven to a person in need of it. It suddenly occurred to me that my very own cousin, Isabel, who had recently begun a catering service, might be in need of it. During my prayer time, I sensed that when I would call Isabel telephonically, she would tell me that she really is in need of an oven and that she has been praying for it as well. So, I called her up and asked her if she would like to have it. To my amazement Isabel told me exactly what I had sensed she would say to me.

I can now very clearly see the hand of our most loving God in this. I have just finished speaking to Isabel telephonically, and I am still in amazement of what God can and is able to do in our lives, if we believe in our hearts that when we ask in faith, we receive what we have asked for. I believe, as the Word says, that God looks directly into our hearts and He alone knows our desires. All praise, honour and glory be to our wonderful God, our Provider and Supplier. Amen.

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