Come! Just as you are!

I guess most of you know this beautiful song.
And it fits so well for this page!
It wants to invite you to come
into Jesus' presence!

Click on any of these little pictures below
and get inspired to worship!

"I Can OnlyImagine"
"So Many Roads"
"Keep Your Eyes On Jesus"
"He's Alive!"


I like all of these songs by Michelle Schelfer,
but "El Shaddai" is think is absolutely annointed!

"Shout To The Lord!"

This is the same song again, but this time from Brasilian Pastor Davy Maia with his Saxophon - watch this clip and see the annointing coming - it is simply incredible!

At the end you can click on several more clips of pastor Davy's annointed recordings.

This one is a jewel to me:
"Born again" by Janet Paschal

"Here I am to worship"

"Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord"

Toby Mac Lyrics
Made To Love Lyrics

"Made To Love You"

Bo, Ruach Elohim (Come, Spirit of God)

Bo Ruach Elohim, u'male et nafshi. Hadrech otanu k'yeladim, rak b'cha anu chafetzim. Anachnu mazminim otcha lavo. Come, Holy Spirit, come. Come and fill us now. For you are welcome in this place. Show your mercy and your grace. Come and fill us, Holy Spirit come. Baruch haba, baruch haba. Welcome Spirit of God.

Hallelu et Adonai

"God of Wonders" - Third Day & Caedmon's Call
(lyrics inside clip)

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