Often, we have to go strange ways before coming to a vivid faith in Jesus. Sometimes, it is a desperate search for God that makes you experience the weirdest things in life. I, for example, fell into the New Age trap. New Age in German is called "esoteric, esoterism", which means "teaching of the mysteries". This is why I fell for it, because I thought God that is so mystic that He can only be found in the secret, in the mysteries. So I used the pendulum, laid tarot cards and was interested in all teachings that called themselves "Christian" on one hand, but on the other hand were nothing else but a tremendous mix of eastern religions and western New Age, esoterism, with a Christian coating. Like this, I slid more and more into the darkness which made the distance to God all the more bigger instead of getting closer to Him. Eventually, I hit rock buttom. I was so broken that finally, God could "scrape me up" and draw me toward Him.

Sometimes, it is those kind of ways of life that makes you realize truth. But it can also happen because of illness, addiction or calamity. Yet another way could be God given visions and recognitions that cause breakthroughs. There are so many ways we can get to know Him. I'd like you to tell us about those ways! Whatever you have experienced that made you come to Jesus is something I'd like to publish here!

These kinds of testimonies can help others come to faith. It certainly helped me back then, I was very curious to hear what other people have experienced with God. Yet, I would never have dared admitting my curiosity at that point. My yearning for experiencing something similar to what

others have experienced, was growing. And even now, I love listening to those testimonies! It is so encouraging to hear what others have experienced along their way!

Websites like this one are a fantastic plattform for it. People can read in peace without "losing their face"... Some really do feel like this, they think it's a shame if others see their interest in faith. And it also happens quite often that people make fun of and mock those who are searching for God. This is often why people don't search, because of fear of others. Yet to what price?

Here nobody sees them, they can dive deeper into the subject without being observed. They can even put questions in this protected area, getting answers that are honest and not mocking.

So take your pen, well better said, hit the keys and write down your testimony! Rest assured: there will be someone, maybe even more than just one, who is waiting for exactly YOUR report! They will know it while reading and getting to know certain details that are important to them or even answer certain questions they might have. All of a sudden they will understand! Should you want or need it, I'll gladly help you with the editing. Send me your testimony here in this form, I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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