The Cut-Off Fingertip
by Katrin B. from S., Germany, November 22nd, 2005

It happened more or less 2 years and a half ago. My son was hungry when we stopped at a parking lot of the highway near Salzburg/Austria. I was opening a saussage pack with a knife, when for one moment, I did not pay attention. There it happened - I cut off the tip of my left index finger.

We drove to the nearest hospital, where the doctors did their best to maintain my finger nail. I probably wouldn't keep my sense of touch like before. Although I had been given antibiotics, my finger got infected and I ran the risk of losing the first phalanx of that finger. But a few days later, the infection went down and 8 weeks after the accident, I could finally take off the bandage.

Happily I noticed that I still had my sense of touch. Just the contrary, now my finger was over-sensitive. Enjoying to play the guitar formerly, I now had horrific pain in that finger by merely tuning my son's guitar. Moreover, the finger was permanently cold, although usually, I have warm hands. Sometimes, it was so cold that it exceeded my pain limit.

About a year and a half ago, I assisted at an Alpha course at my church for the first time. Musicians were missing, but I didn't say anything as I still had too much pain in the finger.

Then we went with the whole course to spend the weekend somewhere else. My pastor who knew that I could play the guitar, asked why I didn't take my guitar along. I told him the reason why and showed him my finger that was now almost half an inch shorter than it should be. He thereupon said: "I would try it with a combination of prayer and training." Without commitment I said okay, but didn't do anything. Two days before departing, with a voice that didn't allow any objection he said to me, "You are going to take your guitar along!" Being a nice girl, I did what he said...! Friday evening then, I took the guitar out of the case, tuned it and with a throbbing heart started to play the first song - I was able to do it without major pain!!!

When later on we were praying with the team, I confessed I hadn't asked for healing nor had I thanked God for not losing the whole finger. I asked God to forgive me and thanked Him for still having an almost complete finger and for being able to play the guitar. All of a sudden, my index finger became very hot and ever since that moment, I never felt it aching again because of being cold.

I am truly thankful to my God for all the miracles He is doing again and again. And for all the people that are standing at our side (although I can't get rid of the suspicion that it was my pastor having prayed in secret for the healing of my finger !

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