... And This Here Is A Big One!
© 2007, Margaret Reid

Hi, I'm Margaret and I start my testimony based on what the family told me. You see I had amnesia. During my first 36 years I was married 2 times and had 4 daughters, I worked hard for my girls because the fathers never stayed around. My mother was always there and bailed me out of my problems but, church and God were not a part of my life then. Later in 1979, God became the reason for my existence.

I married a man named Donald in 1976, We had a rocky marriage but love was there.

On June 2nd, 1979 , after arguing with Donald, I picked up a girlfriend and we drank quite a bit and as I was driving up a street here in Orlando, suddenly my life changed forever. The car I was driving was hit by another driver who was drunk, he died on impact, as I was told. I was taken to the hospital with severe brain damage, not expected to live. The doctors told my husband and mother that I would be a vegetable if I came out of the coma and a nursing home would be the place for me. I was in a coma for 4 weeks, during which time I was having seizures and knew nothing.

After 4 weeks, mother said I opened my eyes and told her not to worry anymore; I was going to be one of God's angels. That of course made her think I was dying, she got hysterical. I had gone back to being like a small child, she was still mommy to me. I had lost my memory and did not know I had a husband or daughters of my own. I accepted it when mommy told me who they were. She refused to put me in a nursing home and the doctors agreed that she could take me back to Georgia to her home for recuperation. My husband had to stay in Orlando a while longer because of work.

Mother got me back to her home and looked after me as if I were a child, I was her only child and she just couldn't let me go. After a few months I started to be aware of my surroundings and people but, the main one I wanted to talk to was my heavenly Father. My mother would signal to my friends that I was off in the head when I would say I needed to talk to my Father a while but, she would help me to my bed where I could talk to my heavenly Father. My grandmother gave me a Bible with large print so I could learn more about my Father and I loved sitting and reading that Bible. Keep in mind I was taking seizure meds all this time. My uncle Clarence knew how much I wanted to go to church, so he took me to Freewill Baptist Church, GA. and with the help of the pastor and others, they got me up the steps and to a seat. Hearing about my Lord and the praise music was heaven to me.

When my husband got to Columbus, he found a job and started taking me to church. Even though he wasn't a beliver, he felt it was his duty. Well, on Thanksgiving day we were going back to Orlando to see his 2 girls and he was saved. He said he wanted what I had, the peace and joy that I felt. On the day I was to be baptised, satan tried to stop that too. The pastor stepped in the water first, then when I stepped in I knew I could not stand that hot water. The pastor said the thermostat was all wrong but I did get baptised the next Sunday and what a joy that was. Later my husband was baptised to. I eventually threw away the Delantin I was on for seizures, I knew my Lord could take care of me, and He did. I was on disability for about 1 1/2 yrs, and I knew that was not for me so, I found a job on a school bus taking care of special needs children. I did that for 21 1/2 years, I retired about 2 years ago. My husband and I continue to praise the Lord and Donald spreads gospel tracts that he wrote, every Saturday morning.

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